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Dead Space Remake Access via EA Play and Close Release Date

Isaac Clarke has to live through his darkest nightmare again. But this time, it will be an even more shocking experience - thanks to the latest technology.

The Sci-Fi survival horror classic with its bloodthirsty Necromorphs returns, giving fans an even more breathtaking gaming experience thanks to EA’s powerful Frostbite engine. A release date has already been set, and Steam users can be excited.

If you are a fan of the horror third-person shooter released in 2009, you can happy twice. Not only will the Dead Space remake arrive on January 27th, 2023, but Steam also has a bonus for all PC players.


Get Dead Space 2 for free

Steam is offering all PC gamers a particularly tasty deal. You get Dead Space 2 for free if you pre-order the Dead Space remake there. The sequel tells the story of the protagonist Isaac 20 years after the terrible event on the spaceship and offers a no less creepy reunion with the Necromorphs. The second installment was at least as well received by fans as the first title.

In the Dead Space Remake, we relive the original in an impressive way, as seen here in this screenshot: We are still in the spaceship but now in a kind of large engine room. Here, we look from the ground at a massive grappling arm construction, which can be seen in the center at the top of the image. The otherwise dark room is impressively illuminated by the daylight coming from the background, which makes the contours of the grapple arm construction stand out well. Underneath this construction, we go to a lower level and around the construction, there is a kind of walkway, on which we are also standing right now. Diagonally to the left in front of us, the protagonist can again be seen in a long shot from behind. He's looking at this impressive light-illuminated construct just as we are. The release date is February 2023.
Dead Space with new graphics (Source: Motive Studios/Electronic Arts)


The improved features of the Dead Space remake at a glance

The renewed game is a comprehensive overhaul of the original title and, thanks to the Frostbite engine, offers not only new graphic glory but also other notable improvements:

  • An elimination of loading times provides for more game flow
  • You can now freely walk the spaceship USG Ishimura
  • Also, unlike the original, Protagonist Isaac Clark is given a voice
  • Weapon upgrade paths are extensively updated
  • Improved sound will provide even more immersion


In this official gameplay trailer, you can get a great insight into the remake of the upcoming singleplayer shooter:


Enjoy the Dead Space remake via EA Play or Xbox Game Pass

As an Xbox Game Pass or EA subscriber, you even have the possibility to play the remake as well as all existing Dead Space titles for free. The third installment is also included and provides you with a fun Co-op option for sharing the horror with friends. The remake will come to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. For PC, you can preorder it via Steam, the EA app, or the Epic Games Store.

In this screenshot, we look over the shoulder of a soldier in a metallic battle suit and metal helmet. He has just been knocked to the ground by a so-called Necromorph and we see the soldier in a semi-close-up in the lower half of the picture. Our gaze falls here on the very pale-looking human-like monster, which, however, has two huge blades sticking out of its hands. With its mouth wide open, it lunges over its victim, ready to kill him. The scene takes place in a dark corridor in the spaceship. The room is lit only by two white spotlights, giving the scene an arid atmosphere.
Nekromorphs in Dead Space remake (Source: Motive Studios/Electronic Arts)


The year 2023 has a terribly beautiful start

At the beginning of the year, you can expect to see not only the Dead Space remake but also other shocking horror titles, like Sons Of the Forest and Witchfire, which you might also want to keep on your radar. As a singleplayer horror fan, also feel free to check the game P.T. – a teaser for a canceled Silent Hill we can absolutely recommend!


What do you think of EA’s Dead Space deal? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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