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F1 23 Pushes Its Gameplay Toward More Authenticity

The new Formula 1 game brings two popular features back into the race that were considered dead.

The release date is just around the corner. EA and Codemasters have teamed up again to deliver the highly anticipated F1 23 with exciting updates and additions. But the big question is: does this new version offer a better driving experience? Our preview will give you an answer to that.


F1 23 hits the market on June 16, 2023, and launches across all the next-gen platforms like PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. However, it will also be available for PS4 and Xbox One.


How does F1 23 look and feel?

Let’s get straight to question number one: what’s the overall driving experience like? Well, regarding gameplay, F1 23 feels similar to its predecessors. However, there are several tweaks concerning driving behavior, especially physics. In addition, adjustments have been made to the tracks, track boundaries, and the vehicles got fine-tuned regarding their aerodynamic grip. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for noticeable differences during a quick lap, you might not find them, but the story changes if you’re a daily racer.

There’s no big jump regarding graphics, as Codemasters has optimized the game for the older Xbox One and PS4 hardware. We’ll have to wait until F1 24, which will likely come with a new engine dedicated to next-gen platforms only.


Improved handling

But get ready for an exciting twist when handling your vehicle on track, an area that Codemasters has significantly emphasized. As you drive, you’ll notice a more natural and improved feel, with enhanced control over your vehicle, whether accelerating, braking, or steering. This results in a more authentic and predictable vehicle behavior and provides a more realistic driving feeling on the track. Codemasters has incorporated real F1 Team feedback into the gameplay development to achieve this.

It's not long until the release date of Codemaster's new racing game. We can see a column of racing cars here.
Screenshot from F1 23 (Source: Codemasters, EA)


Braking Point finally returns

After being missed by numerous fans last year, the highly anticipated return of the story mode, ‘Braking Point 2,’ has become a compelling reason to consider purchasing F1 23. You join the fictional Konnersport team, an underdog organization striving to establish its position among the current F1 teams. Returning from F1 2021’s Braking Point, Aiden Jackson and the arrogant Devon Butler reunite as teammates, racing for Konnersport. With the introduction of new characters and rivalries, Codemasters promises plenty of twists and turns as Jackson and Butler aim to climb the rankings.


It’s not just about racing in Braking Point 2

Bracing for tough choices, in Braking Point 2, you’ll navigate conversations with journalists, making decisions that impact the F1 world and your relationship with team members. On the flip side, you’ll step into the driver’s seat, tackling tasks assigned by the game to prepare for each race. While the new story mode follows a similar structure, it implements crucial recent decisions into the mix. You will get to see several scripted sequences, which look even more realistic, complementing the regular races. However, one disappointment lies in the quality inconsistency throughout F1 23, as areas like post-race interviews and podium celebrations showcase familiar graphics.


New exciting racing tracks and Red Flags in F1 23

F1 23 comes with two new tracks from the 2023 calendar: the Las Vegas Street Circuit and the Losail International Circuit in Qatar, which will be available to race right at launch. In addition, the game brings back three beloved tracks: Paul Ricard in France, Shanghai in China, and Portimão in Portugal.

If you’ve missed Red Flags since the 2014 edition, they now return in F1 23 and can be adjusted individually in different ways. In any case, they will provide a plus in realism.


The new hub: F1 World

If you like multiplayer competitions, you can rejoice because crossplay will return in F1 23, following its successful introduction in 22.

Codemasters is also introducing ‘F1 World,’ which will replace ‘F1 Life’ and will be the new hub for daily, weekly, and seasonal activities aligned with the F1 2023 calendar and constantly updated. Here you can complete solo and multiplayer events and competitions to get various rewards and increase your Tech Level for upgrades.

In the close-up, we catch sight of a brown-haired female racer in a yellow and purple outfit with a cappy in F1 23.
F1 23 screenshot (Source: Codemasters, EA)


Standard vs. Champion Edition

F1 23 will be available in the Standard and the Champions Edition. If you pre-order the Champions Edition, you can dive into F1 23 three days before, from June 13. Feel free to get it for PC via Steam or Epic Games Store. Below you will find a brief overview of the Editions’ content:


Standard Edition

  • base game available physically or digitally
  • Pre-order bonus: F1 World Starter Pack, 5000 PitCoin, Cover featuring Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and Lando Norris


Champions Edition

  • base game available physically or digitally
  • Pre-order bonus: play F1 23 three days earlier, time-limited Las Vegas content, Max Verstappen Race Wear Pack, Braking Point 2 icons and Vanity Item Pack, Dual Entitlement, Four new My Team icons, XP-Boost, F1 World Bumper Pack, 18.000 PitCoin
    Cover featuring Max Verstappen


Our impression

F1 23 is leaving us with a pretty positive impression so far, with the return of Braking Point 2 being a welcome change from the regular races. Don’t expect a significant gameplay revolution or cinematic masterpiece. However, you can look forward to a much more realistic driving experience in F1 23. Get another sneak peek into the captivating world with the official trailer.


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What do you think of F1 23? Do you like the story mode and handling changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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