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Need for Speed Unbound Gameplay Revealed: The New NFS Look

The racer as an artist and the city as a canvas - the new concept of Need for Speed Unbound gameplay takes us to a whole new level in the NFS series.

Yesterday, the second fantastic trailer with the latest gameplay of Need for Speed Unbound was released on Twitter and YouTube. The scenes let NFS shine in a whole new light this time.

Players finally have a clearer look at the new gameplay of Need for Speed Unbound. The biggest feature: anime effects, which will bring a very special spice to the series for once and will make the hearts of fans of the eastern culture beat faster.


The racers are the artists and the city their canvas: Need for Speed Unbound gameplay with a nice twist

With new graphic effects inspired by the graffiti and anime world, the new title in the series gives players a whole new visual experience. Darren White, the art director for Criterion Games’ Need for Speed Unbound, explained on EA’s website that they wanted to create a gameplay style that celebrates players’ actions, enhances the experience, and honors them as they drive. Called “Tags,” these effects are extraordinary, high-energy visual effects designed to take the player to the next level.

Auf diesem Bild von Need for Speed Unbound, schauen wir aus der Froschperspektive auf ein Spielerauto, dessen Reifen gerade durchdrehen und der Rauch wird durch anime-artige Effekte dargestellt. Daneben ist ein Teil eines Polizeiautos zu sehen. Scheinbar eine Verfolgungsjagd bei Nacht, die gerade unter einer Brücke mit nasser Straße, rot-blauer Beleuchtung und einigen Reflexionen in einer Pfütze stattfindet.
Car chase (Source: Criterion/EA)


Darren White compared gamers in NFS Unbound to street artists for urban landscapes. With every drift, jump, and crash, racers paint the world around the car with the tags – for more dramatic, emotional, and immersive racing fun. So the racer becomes the artist, the hyper-realistic car the paintbrush, and the city the large-scale canvas.

For maximum flexibility, NFS Unbound confirmed on Twitter via their official account that players can disable the anime and graffiti effects if needed.


NFS Unbound Gameplay Trailer


The video shows how the new look will eventually be rendered in normal gameplay. Players can select their favorite “graffiti-coming-to-life” effect to add more expression to their racing experience. With 143 cars that will be available in Need for Speed Unbound and the many different effects, so all kinds of room for customization.


NFS Unbound Release Date and Trial Version for EA Play Members

Need for Speed Unbound will be available to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on December 2, 2022. The standard price is $69.99, and for $10 more, players will get a Deluxe Palace Edition with more features, such as four stunning custom cars, a clothing pack, more driving effects, stickers and license plates, and so on.

There are special benefits for EA Play members: a 10-hour trial starting November 29, 2022, and other exclusive recurring in-game benefits will be offered. Also, EA Play Pro members on PC can enjoy unlimited access to Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition starting November 29, 2022, three days before release.

What do you think of the new effects in Need for Speed Unbound? Feel free to let us know in the comments. If you might be in the mood for other fast-paced games as well, we can recommend our top 10 list of the best free FPS games.

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