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18 Things About Atlas Fallen You Need to Know

Deck13 leaves the sci-fi universe with its new game and delivers a massive fantasy adventure that couldn't be sandier. In which aspects does the newcomer differ? Find out.

Aliens Dark Descent: A Review You Better Not Dream About

The new sci-fi strategy action game from Tindalos Interactive seems to convince with its audiovisual implementation and the sophisticated micro management. But...

Warhammer 40K: Boltgun Is a New Confident Retro FPS Homage

The popular tabletop franchise has just launched a new game that is sure to create a lot of excitement. But how does the brand new retro shooter perform?

Atlas Fallen Release Date Shifted: Is the Gameplay Worth It?

Deck13's new ARPG prepares its fan community for the upcoming release and presents exciting in-game scenes that speak for the title's potential. Unfortunately, the date has now been postponed.

New Alien Game “Dark Descent” Drops Release Date in Trailer

Get ready for your next big mission and uncover the dark secret on the planet Lethe. A new trailer provides fresh information and shows gripping in-game scenes.

Atomic Heart Sets the Mood for the Release Date With a Surprise

The agent shooter set in the Soviet Union flexes its muscles once again in a final whimsical trailer and gets us in the mood for the upcoming release at the end of February.

Evil West: Fast Gameplay, Co-op and Xbox Game Pass Release?

In this crazy action shooter, the Wild West is overrun by bloodthirsty vampires and it's up to you to restore order as a notorious gunslinger. For this, you are allowed to use all destructive means.

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