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New Alien Game “Dark Descent” Drops Release Date in Trailer

"Alright, sweethearts, you heard the man and you know the drill! A**holes and elbows!"

The new alien game Dark Descent is already landing on our planet this summer. A brand new trailer delivers exclusive gameplay footage of the RTS game and reveals the release date.


Friends of the Aliens-Universe, get ready: Dark Descent is the new Alien game from developer Tindalos Interactive and publisher Focus Entertainment and is already scheduled to launch on June 20 for all major platforms.

In this RTS game, you play a commander of a Colonial Marines squad, and it’s up to you to win the battle against the dangerous Xenomorphs.

The Marines are attacked here from the left by several aliens and open fire. The release date is set.
Screenshot from Aliens: Dark Descent (Source: Tindalos Interactive/Focus Entertainment)


This is what the new Alien game is about

After your spaceship and crew crashed on the planet Lethe, you take the lead and are responsible for investigating a rebel-held colony. However, this area has been taken over by deadly aliens, making the planet an extremely dangerous place. Be sure that your enemies will hunt you and change their tactics depending on your action. While you explore the area, you’ll have to expand your base by developing new technologies and equipping your troops accordingly.


Aliens: Dark Descent gameplay with a permadeath system

Before you jump into battle, be warned: death is irreversible in Aliens: Dark Descent. The gameplay comes with a permadeath mechanic, meaning you can’t bring your fallen marines back to life.

Here we see in the top view the Marines Squad in a machine room from the new alien game Dark Descent.
Aliens: Dark Descent screenshot (Source: Tindalos Interactive/Focus Entertainment)


So you’ll have to be incredibly tactical and plan your alien operation correctly. A nice way to progress is the level system, which lets you boost your squad members with better equipment, perks and eventually level them up. An intelligent control mechanic allows you to lead and command your squad in the top view effectively. Below you can finally see exclusive gameplay footage of the new Alien game in the latest trailer addressing the release date.


Another remarkable feature of Dark Descent is that you can slow down the game’s speed while thinking about your next tactical step by pressing a single button. Also, the title includes open areas that leave room for different tactical strategies.

Variety is also provided by many side quests in addition to the main missions, as seen in the trailer. If you want to dive into the world of the new Alien game even further, feel free to watch the world premiere reveal trailer.


Aliens: Dark Descent is scheduled to launch for PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. On Steam, you can already put it on your wishlist for PC.


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Are you already looking forward to the New Alien game? How do you like the gameplay of Dark Descent? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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