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Atlas Fallen Release Date Shifted: Is the Gameplay Worth It?

Your next adventure will be full of dust and oversized dangers. Take a deep breath because it is going to be rough and intense.

The new action RPG from the makers of The Surge is called Atlas Fallen and was announced last year. The gameplay looks extremely impressive, and the anticipation is great. Sadly though, the release date has now been postponed.


Rise from dust. Atlas Fallen sends you into the desert to hunt legendary giant beasts. It’s up to you to stop the oppression of corrupted gods and save humanity. Embark on an epic and intense battlefield full of pitiless creatures. You can finally see how the fights look like in action in the latest gameplay reveal trailer of the game:


Atlas Fallen offers gameplay à la Monster Hunter

The trailer gives us a glimpse of giant beautiful desert areas, which will also be the locations of the battles. When we look at the size of the monsters, we inevitably think of Monster Hunter. The fights look incredibly brute and coherent. We see the player fighting with a big whip and a colossal hammer, which can cause gigantic blows.

However, what stands out particularly positively is the player’s locomotion, which can’t be surpassed in terms of lightness and speed. This combination of brute combat and fast, fluid movement looks impressive and promises a gripping, immersive gaming experience.

The gameplay of Atlas Fallen includes huge sandy creatures, one of which we see in close-up with its mouth open.
Atlas Fallen screenshot (Source: Deck13 Interactive/Focus Entertainment)


These gameplay features await you

In Atlas Fallen, you’ll confront the giant monsters with enormous power while moving light-footed through the dusty desert. The game offers you the following main features:

  • Conquer the legendary demons alone or team up with another friend in the 2-player coop and unleash your supernatural powers together
  • Discover and explore a breathtaking world full of dangers and mysterious places and become one with the desert sands
  • Create powerful, shapeshifting weapons using your god-like power
  • Use individual, unique skills and abilities and rise to the level of a champion
While the release date is set, you already get a glimpse of the game with its vast creatures, as seen here.
Screenshot from Atlas Fallen (Source: Deck13 Interactive/Focus Entertainment)


All about the Atlas Fallen release date

In case you missed it: the trailer has already revealed the release date. Atlas Fallen was scheduled for release on May 16, 2023, for PC and the next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

However, the release date of the action RPG has now been delayed by three months to August 10th via Twitter. The shift is intended to allow the developers to deliver the best possible version of the game, which includes fully playable seamless co-op with a friend. Also teased is new in-game footage and a first look at the drop-in co-op in early summer.

But what we’ve seen of the game looks so good that we’re happy to wait a little longer for it. Besides, releasing the heated desert title in the summer fits much better anyway. You can pre-order the title for PC via Steam.


Start the hunt for beasts earlier

The desert is already calling, but the adventure of Atlas Fallen is still ahead of us. If you like this game, Forspoken might be another fitting title. Another similar match will be released in May for the Nintendo Switch: The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Or fight bloodthirsty creatures in Witchfire or Dead Island 2. For more intense co-op adventures with your friend, check out these great 2-player PS5 games.


What do you like most about the new ARPG Atlas Fallen? Of what titles does it remind you and why? Let us know down in the comments section.

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