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Evil West: Fast Gameplay, Co-op and Xbox Game Pass Release?

Not the classic bounty hunt. This is not about finding outlaws, but bloodthirsty vampires. Dead or alive? Preferably as dead as possible!

The Evil West vampire hunter game is now out for most platforms. The absurdly chaotic demon shooter features bloody, fast-paced fights and a wide arsenal of crazy weapons.

If you love Red Dead Redemption 2, you might like this new third-person shooter, which also features environments and weapons in a Wild West setting. However, you don’t kill outlaws or guardians of the law here, but hordes of vampires. And the fights are much more action-packed and gory.

In this screenshot of the Evil West game, the protagonist Jesse Rentier can be seen from the bottom view in the close-up, as he is about to punch with his left fist hammer. We are, so to speak, taking the perspective of a vampire who is about to be killed by his hammer. In the background, we see some wooden facades in the cut as well as the sky. The scene is slightly foggy. It remains to be seen whether the game will eventually be playable in co-op cross-play mode.
Screenshot of Evil West (Source: Flying Wild Hog/Focus Entertainment)


In this story-based action shooter, you’ll play a renowned monster hunter and gunslinger named Jesse Reindeer, who belongs to an undercover monster-hunting organization. You can get a decent impression with this Co-op gameplay Trailer:


The game clearly focuses on fighting numerous bloodthirsty beasts, and you’ll have a wide arsenal of gadgets and weapons at your disposal, including both ranged and melee weapons. Burn your opponents with a flamethrower or crush them with a martial-looking fist hammer. A completely crazy monster hunt begins, which you can experience not only alone but also together in Co-op. Here, however, it must be said that only the Host gets character and story progression. However, the joining player is automatically equipped with the same abilities for the sake of fairness. Unfortunately, there is no split-screen mode for local Co-op fun yet.

Go on a vampire hunt in the Wild West alone or with a partner and eliminate bloody vampires as seen in this screenshot: In the center of the image, the protagonist is shown in a semi-close-up in the middle of a street in a city, looking ahead as he shoots an onrushing bloody vampire in the head with his revolver, causing the blood to spurt out. Wooden buildings can be seen in the background as well as a green carriage in the bleed on the right. The ground is matchy and the dim light of individual lanterns is reflected in the puddles. A red mist is visible in the right background of the image.
Evil West screenshot (Source: Flying Wild Hog/Focus Entertainment)


Is crossplay available?

The developers announced in a live stream that the title will not include crossplay. Nonetheless, according to lead producer Tomasz Gop, it’s possible to create a Co-op connection between PS5 and PS4 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. So a certain degree of crossplay seems to be possible within the same console family.


Is Evil West coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Gamers are wondering if the Evil West game will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. As of today, the game is unfortunately only available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. For PC, it can be purchased via Steam since yesterday. Nonetheless, great titles came to Xbox Game Pass after release in the past. So at least, it’s not impossible.

In the background of this screenshot, a fiery red demon with glowing red eyes and powerful wings can be seen roaring with its mouth wide open in the direction of the protagonist, whom we see in front of the left of the image in the semi-close-up. The main character with a cowboy hat doesn't seem to be impressed and looks to his right scissor hand with his head down, preparing for the fight. The background is lit by flames and the scene appears very gloomy.
Screenshot from Evil West (Source: Flying Wild Hog/Focus Entertainment)


In other Co-op games, you can also go on the hunt

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What do you think of the bloody vampire shooter Evil West? Let us know in the comments below.

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