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WoW Dragonflight: Release Date of the World of Warcraft Expansion Announced

It's been quite a while since the last World of Warcraft expansion. But finally, there is something new on the horizon, and it is going to be epic.

Blizzard finally announced the release date of WoW Dragonflight yesterday. As early as November 28, gamers can begin their adventures on the backs of dragons in the new World of Warcraft expansion.

According to Blizzard, the launch of the new World of Warcraft Dragonflight addon will be on November 28, 2022. Before the release of the addon, there will even be a pre-patch, which will make the additional Dracthyr class available. What will be included in the new WoW Dragonflight expansion? An overview.


Dragon Isles

Head to the Dragon Isles, where there are four fabulous areas to explore and discover. Face the icy cold on the frosty peaks of Azure Span, discover the mighty Waking Shores, withstand the vast plains of Ohn’ahran, and climb the majestic towers and temples of Thaldraszus. These islands are full of secrets related to the world of dragons.

A digital painting shows the Dragon Isles, which will be included in the new WoW addon.
Dragon Isles (Source: Blizzard)


Fly on your favorite dragon

In WoW Dragonflight, you can explore the worlds on the back of your own dragon from now on, and it will be possible for you to customize your friend over time. For example, improve its speed and endurance and give it a new look.

As shown on this cover by Blizzard, WoW Dragonflight is all about dragons and their abilities. The release date has now been announced and will be on November 28.
WoW Dragonflight (Source: Blizzard)


Earn respect as Dracthyr Evoker

Shortly before the release of the addon, the new Dracthyr Evoker will already be playable. This is a combination of class and race and thus has the ability to switch between a fearsome dragon form and a human. This unique unit in World of Warcraft is therefore very flexible. Decide whether you want to use the dragon’s abilities and heal players or specialize in ranged damage.

In this screenshot from World of Warcraft, we see the Dracthyr Evoker in the Addon WoW Dragonflight.
Dracthyr Evoker (Source: Blizzard)


Explore new Dungeons

WoW Dragonflight comes with eight brand-new dungeons. Of these, four dungeons can be played at the maximum level, and four can be played at a higher tier with friends to reach the maximum new level cap of 70.


Updated Professions

With the updated Profession System, new tools and features are at your disposal to boost your crafting ambitions at every level.


New Talent System

Talent trees are reintroduced into the game, allowing you to make meaningful and creative decisions regarding your skills. Your previous effectiveness will not be affected, and you will be able to make essential tweaks at any level.


Customize your User Interface

Optimize your user interface for an even better gaming experience and benefit from the new heads-up display. Learn more about here.


When exactly will WoW Dragonflight launch world wide?

Depending on your time zone, the World of Warcraft addon will be released on November 29 at the latest. In the U.S., the release will take place on November 28, and you can start your adventure at 3:00 p.m. PST and 6 p.m. EST, according to Blizzard.

Until then, it is possible to test the expansion on Blizzard beta servers, provided you have received access. If not, and you need something to bridge the waiting time, we can help you with our Top 10 list of the best free RPG Games.

Are you also in the World of Warcraft? What do you look forward to the most in the new addon? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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