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Games with Gold October 2022: Xbox Announces Two New Titles

This month, Xbox takes us to the skies and the high seas. Diverse adventures await us, and we are already excited about them.

Xbox has just announced the new Games with Gold for October 2022. Head to unimaginable heights in Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition and explore mysterious places on the high seas in Windbound.

Get exclusive access to two amazing game titles for a limited time as part of the “Games with Gold” offer, and enjoy all the benefits with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships, which give you access to over 100 top games. So, what do the new Games with Gold October 2022 have to offer?


Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition

In this exciting airplane game, you must prove yourself as a master of the skies! As a World War II pilot, your enemies are everywhere, and even the weather threatens you. Be faster than the others and dodge their onboard cannons while you and your crew have to manage fuel, hydraulics, and ammunition. A very fun but also challenging game awaits us. Achieve victory and get home safely! Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition includes both, the original version of Bomber Crew, the Secret Weapons, and USAAF DLCs.

Here we see the cover of the game Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition, which will be one of the Games with Gold in October 2022 for Xbox Pass.
Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition (Source: Runner Duck, Curve Digital)

Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition is available from October 16 to November 15.



As Kara, you must build a boat as a castaway on the Forbidden Islands, putting your skills and willpower to the test. Travel from island to island with a tactile, addictive sailing mechanism and explore fantastic worlds that have a lot of stories and secrets in store for you. A dreamy adventure awaits in this surprising survival game.

Sail to unknown islands. In this picture we see the main character of the game on a raft, which is currently on a stormy sea. In the background we can see an island. Under the boot, the title "Windbound" is shown in white.
Windbound (Source: 5 Lives Studios, Plaion)

Windbound is available from October 1 to October 31.


Speaking of Survival Games

Do you also have an Xbox membership? Then have fun with these two new titles and explore the highs and lows these worlds have to offer. If you want to dive even deeper into survival, check out our Top 5 of the best survival games PS4 and PS5.

What do you think of the new titles? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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