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Best Free RPG Games: A Top 10 List

What free RPG games are trending right now? Find out with this list of the 10 Best Free RPG Games.

New role-playing games are constantly getting released and the field is difficult to keep track of. We have created a Top 10 list with the best free RPG games for you.


  1. Path of Exile
  2. Drakensang
  3. Neverwinter
  4. Guild Wars 2
  5. Vindictus
  6. Lord of the Rings Online
  7. Skyforge
  8. DC Universe Online
  9. Blade & Soul
  10. Trove


With this list, you will get a good overview of the most popular and best free RPG games:


1. Path of Exile

This RPG game, released in 2013, was really ahead of its time, offering excellent combat tactics and very clean gameplay. Clearly inspired by the Diablo series, you can slaughter many bloodthirsty foes like zombies and demons, improve your gear and increase skills. Having only skins to buy that do not alter the gameplay in general, it is an awesome hack and slay that still offers a very immersive and deep experience.

In the screenshot shown here, we can see various characters from the MMORPG Path of Exile, who are currently in a dark dungeon. The game is one of the Best Free RPG Games in 2022.
Path of Exile (Source: Grinding Gear Games)

The free RPG is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and PlayStation 4 and can be downloaded via this link.


2. Drakensang

This free-to-play dungeon crawler can certainly be compared to the Diablo universe as well. As a ranger, steam mechanic, spell caster, or dragon knight, you have to face the dangers of the many dungeons in eleven different regions, either alone or with friends.

This image shows a clip from the game Drakensang, which is certainly one of the best free RPG games of 2022.
Drakensang (Source: Radon Labs)

The MMORPG is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS here.


3. Neverwinter

You wouldn’t think that this game is available for free: Neverwinter has very well-thought-out and elaborate gameplay mechanics, coupled with stunning graphics. Particularly noteworthy is the extremely beautiful design of the environment. All hope lies within you. There is a bitter war going on in the Forgotten Realms and the leader of the nation has been killed. It is up to you to investigate this case and save the nation from destruction and lead it to new greatness.

With the game Neverwinter, you get one of the best free RPG games in 2022. Here we see a screenshot from the game, in which a playable character is located in a snowy landscape.
Neverwinter (Source: Cryptic Studios)

The game is available for free and can be downloaded from this link for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and GeForce Now.


4. Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2 you’ll explore a huge, very detailed game world. The open-world MMORPG has very well thought-out storytelling and excellent combat system and gameplay. This is why it surely is counted among the best free RPG games. Playing this game, you will have an exciting and immersive time, guaranteed.

Guild Wars 2 is considered one of the best free RPG games. Here we see a screenshot with many characters in battle.
Guild Wars 2 (Source: NCsoft)

The game is available for macOS and Microsoft Windows for free and can be downloaded from this link.


5. Vindictus

In Vindictus the action is extremely brutal! With very good graphics and sophisticated gameplay, you can choose between 16 different races and engage in breathtaking battles. This game has a very competitive game character, but that makes the battles even more exciting.

In this image, a fierce battle with a large creature is taking place. This is an excerpt from the game Vindictus, which is one of the best free RPG games.
Vindictus (Source: Nexon Corporation, devCAT studio, devCAT)

Vindictus is available free-to-play for Microsoft Windows only. It can be downloaded from the following link.


6. Lord of the Rings Online

Become part of the sagas around Middle Earth and plunge into epic battles. You can choose between eleven different classes, seven races, and ten professions. Besides online co-op games with friends, you can also fight side by side with AI. There is also a PvP mode, where you can prove yourself as a worthy warrior with other players.

One of the best free RPG games is lord of the rings online, which is illustrated by this image: Here we see a hobbit as a playable character on a beautiful meadow.
Lord of the Rings Online (Source: WB Games Boston, Daybreak Game Company, Standing Stone Games, Codemasters, Midway Games )

The game is available for macOS and Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded here.


7. Skyforge

In this MMORPG you’ll wander through the Sci-Fi fantasy planet Aelion, whose landscape is really beautifully implemented and you will really wonder how it’s available for free. Here you feel especially invited to actively experiment with the different classes: In fact, in this game, it is possible to switch between them very quickly.

Here we see an excerpt from the free MMORPG Skyforge. In the picture, we see the characteristic landscape of the game and just now several characters are running toward the camera.
Skyforge (Source: Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment)

Skyforge is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, GeForce Now, and Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded via this link.


8. DC Universe Online

Which team will you join: Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman? Create your character, choose your weapons and powers, and plunge headfirst into the battles of the DC universe in this MMORPG. A very immersive game, made for the fans of the superhero genre.

In the game DC Universe Online you'll slip into the role of well-known superheroes, as illustrated in this picture, where a superhero can be seen in the center of the image, just flying over a city.
DC Universe Online (Source: Daybreak Game Company, Dimensional Ink Games)

DC Universe Online is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo and can be found here.


9. Blade & Soul

This Korean fantasy MMORPG comes with four unique races and ten classes of a special kind and offers the player a very elaborately designed game world, which was visually inspired by the style of artist Hyung Tae Kim. Fight alone or with friends through a variety of dungeons and enjoy the fast and unique combat system.

A screenshot from the game Blade and Souls can be seen, showing a beach where many playable characters are fighting.
Blade and Soul (Source: NCsoft, netmarbleNeo)

Blade & Soul is available free-to-play for Microsoft Windows at this link.


10. Trove

Are you looking for a free alternative to Minecraft: Dungeons or just wanted to fully enjoy a game like Minecraft on another RPG level? In this voxel-based MMORPG, the world has been stripped of its powers and henceforth is ruled by horrific creatures. Face the dark forces and restore order.

Here we see a screenshot from the game Trove, where several characters are shown in pixel graphics.
Trove (Source: Trion Worlds, Inc., gamigo US Inc.)

The game is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. You can download it here.


Did we miss a title on the best free RPG Games list?

Hopefully, you found something new to play with the help of this list. Looking for a free FPS game? We made a list of the best free FPS games also. If you’re more into the cooperative side of playing, we’ve got you covered too: Games like It Takes Two.

Which free MMORPG do you like the most? Is there a title we missed? Tell us in the comments below.


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