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Anno 1800: 75% Discount on Steam & Don’t Miss These Mods

Ubisoft truly wants to make you an offer you can't refuse. Do you even have a choice anymore?

Right now, a massive discount on Steam is causing a lot of excitement. Among the many coveted franchises from Ubisoft, the famous city builder Anno 1800 is included at a low price. Find out why the deal is worth it and how you can make the game an even bigger title.


For a long time, Ubisoft titles have avoided any discount promotions on Steam but that has now changed: Numerous games from the publisher are currently being offered with a discount of up to 85% on Valve’s platform. Among them is Anno 1800, which is reduced in price by up to 75% on Steam.


Why Anno 1800 is worthwhile

The title is the series’s seventh and most recent installment and was released in 2019. If you are an explorer and want to realize great things, this game is worth it. Here you’ll indeed have to prove your skills as a ruler and builder by settling on a foreign continent, building gigantic metropolises, and managing them logistically and economically efficiently.

Of course, you’re certainly not alone in this. As in real life, opponents are around you (either as AI or real players), which you can dominate through trade, diplomacy, or warfare. However, you can also enjoy the game in cooperative game mode. This extremely mature and in-depth Anno formula is topped with stunning high-end graphics. But best get an impression yourself with this trailer.


Extend the game with Anno 1800 mods

Mods have always been trendy among gamers because they have the power to improve, deepen or even completely change the game experience.

For Anno 1800, there are already numerous coveted mods, usually free and a real nice-to-have. In the following, we have listed the three best mods in our opinion:


1. Spice it up

This package of dozens of mods offers many customizations, gameplay improvements, and new gameplay options, features, ornaments, and memes. Beautiful is the new Sandbox Mode, with which you can unlock everything right at the beginning of the game and thus let off steam creatively. Also, the graphic details increase a bit.

You can find the mod, including an installation guide, on Nexusmods.com.


2. Project Distinction

This fantastic mod polishes up the graphics of your metropolis and adds new variations and textures that make the cityscape look even more beautiful. If you are not only interested in the game mechanics but also in the visuals, you should get this mod.

You can also find this mod, including an installation guide, on Nexusmods.com.


3. Instant Ship Build Update

Building ships in the game can very often cost you time and nerves. To solve this problem, this mod was developed to make your shipbuilding much faster.

Find everything you need to know about this mod at Nexusmods.com.

Build magnificent harbors and ships in Anno 1800, as seen here. Right now, the game is enormously discounted.
Anno 1800 screenshot (Source: Ubisoft)


What about the character items in the game?

Anno 1800 contains a lot of items that are useful to the player. But there are also these character items occasionally, which somehow seem pointless. And that is not entirely wrong. According to the Anno 1800 wiki, they are a rather unusual group of objects without practical use. These items are only used to communicate stories about different characters. You get these character items by destroying ships of pirates or AI opponents.

However, since the Land of Lions DLC was released in 2020, it is possible to donate these items to science and gain 100 research points per donated character item.

We catch a glimpse of a train in the foreground of the picture, which is crossing a bridge. In the background, we see a city.
Screenshot from Anno 1800 (Source: Ubisoft)


Play City-Building Simulations in other settings

Anno 1800 is a great title, but dozens of other successful titles already exist in the genre. If you want to know which building sims are trendy right now, please check our ranking of City Building Games.

The Wandering Village is a particularly innovative new title with a clear survival aspect. You can also look forward to one of the best modern high-end city builders with Cities Skylines 2.

If you miss feeling in the middle of things, you might find the correct title in the Best Assassin’s Creed game. Our Sons Of The Forest Review and Returnal Review tell you why these new survival games are worth playing.


Would you say no to that deal? Is there a mod that is missing from our list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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