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Best PS4 & PS5 Games in 2023: Top 12 New & Upcoming Titles

Are you an explorer, fighter, team player, or wizard? It doesn't matter! Because in 2023, everyone gets their money's worth with absolutely fantastic games in every genre. Our list provides proof.

Best PC Games 2023: Top 7 New & Upcoming Titles

It's going to rain a lot of hot titles this year, that's for sure. This ranking will tell you which ones you can look forward to in particular!

New Alien Game “Dark Descent” Drops Release Date in Trailer

Get ready for your next big mission and uncover the dark secret on the planet Lethe. A new trailer provides fresh information and shows gripping in-game scenes.

Falling Frontier: Sci-Fi RTS Sparks Excitement for Release Date

Stutter Fox Studios is pursuing big galactic plans with its new RTS space simulation. Now another trailer is causing a stir, which at the same time leaves questions unanswered.

Anno 1800: 75% Discount on Steam & Don’t Miss These Mods

Ubisoft's latest City Builder can be purchased for a mega-low price on Valve's platform. We'll show you why you shouldn't refuse this deal and how to improve the game.

The Finals Revolts With Unique and Mind-Blowing Closed Beta

Embark Studios is working on a free-to-play shooter that has been making many headlines recently. It's now available to the public for testing: find out why it's worth giving this FPS title a try.

Cities Skylines 2: This New Builder Will Amaze You

The city building franchise from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive finally gets a successor after eight years. This one promises to revolutionize the genre, and we get exciting insights.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Hits Release Date for 1.0 on Steam Soon

Not too far away, you will be able to enjoy the dark dungeon crawler Roguelike in a finished version on Valve's platform. Players of the Early Access version can already rejoice.

Among Us Alternative From Top 3 Best Steam Games to Flop? (Update)

A free indie game has been reaching true peaks in player numbers for a few weeks now, even surpassing the game it copies. The title apparently owes this success to a very specific part of the world. But as of today, the numbers look strange.

Blood Bowl 3: Release Date, Gameplay & Crossplay for BB3

The popular fantasy football game from the Warhammer universe will soon make its grand entrance as the third part. Find out what this title has to offer, whether there is cross-platform play and which nasty attacks you can perform in this article.

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