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Starfield’s Release Date Is Finally Set: Welcome Aboard, Captain

One of the most hyped space games is likely to be released sooner than previously assumed by fans...

It’s getting exciting around the Sci-Fi adventure RPG Starfield. Bethesda has now put the game’s official support page online, which also contains more information about the release date. According to rumors, further revelations could follow as early as the third quarter of 2023.

After a long year’s end in the world of gaming news, the new year finally brought us some real momentum back. Unfortunately, the previously set Starfield release date for November of 2022 could not be met by Bethesda. But that has changed now.


Update, March 8, 2023

Bethesda sent the gaming community into space again today with an impressive cinematic trailer, including exciting news. The Starfield release date was set with the video and is now September 6, 2023. The trailer is, as always, extremely emotional, and shows a journey from visiting a space station to going through a black hole.

In the later part, Todd Howard speaks to us, the game director of the game. He points out that there will be another info event with the “Starfield Direct” on June 11, 2023, which is supposed to announce many more details about the game. We have already put on the spacesuits and remain excited – sweating.


Starfield Release Date Announcement Trailer


Original article, January 3, 2023

New details about the Starfield release date

Even if no exact day is known yet, Bethesda finally provided us with a new release timeframe at least on the recently launched Starfield support website. According to the site, the hotly anticipated Sci-Fi role-playing game will now be released in the first half of 2023. After months of silence, this news is now a real redemption.

In this screenshot, we are again on a planet. However, this time we are standing outside in a dusty, stony landscape and looking into the distance. In the center of the image, we see a huge spaceship with two large turbines at the rear, facing us. The spaceship is anchored to the ground with four legs. It has a metallic, partly reddish coloring. Further in the background, a bit to the right, we can see a space station shrouded in dust, which consists of several rectangular buildings and behind which a crane towers. In the background, a stone mountain range extends from the left to the right side of the image. Starfield is scheduled for release in the second half of the year and a release date is getting closer.
Create spaceships in Starfield (Source: Bethesda)


Final release date at Xbox event

After an expected announcement on the occasion of the Game Awards 2022 didn’t take place, a reveal of the release date could now fall at an upcoming but unverified Xbox event, which could be in the first quarter of 2023, according to current rumors. Even though this seems very vague at the moment, we will update you as soon as we know more.


For all newcomers: This is what recent Starfield gameplay looks like

The Sci-Fi RPG Starfield is Bethesda Softworks’ most ambitious project after The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Gameplay-wise, it has parallels to No Man’s Sky. In this game, you can discover up to 1.000 planets. To get there, you create your own spaceship in an editor, which you can then upgrade and modify.

The singleplayer title offers a campaign in which you pass through about 100 star systems, and you can choose which faction you want to join and obey. Set off in either a third-person or first-person perspective with your spaceship and experience breathtaking space battles and explore alien planets. To get a comprehensive impression of this adventurous Sci-Fi RPG, check out the official gameplay Trailer below.


We sit in a spaceship at a table and look in first-person perspective at a sandwich in front of us. Diagonally above we see a kind of coffee container. To the left is a black and yellow assault rifle. To our right on the table, we see a blue collage block with the inscription "Flight Manual - Nova Gakactic in blue capital letters in a modern layout. Above it is a kind of metal container with several compartments for various foods. In the background, we catch a blurry glimpse of the rest of the spaceship.
Starfield screenshot (Source: Bethesda)


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When do you estimate Starfield will be released in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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