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AoE II Definitive Edition, III & IV Get Free Anniversary Update: Age of Empires’ 25th Birthday

October will be a month for celebration. Microsoft is upgrading its popular RTS series and has some great gifts in store for us. We only have to wait a little less than a month.

It’s hard to believe: The first Age of Empires will be a whopping 25 years old on October 25. To celebrate, many updates are coming for the popular series.

The AoE II Definitive Edition, as well as parts three and four of the game series, will receive a free update. Among them are two new civilizations. Oddly, there will be no update for the first game.


What’s new in AoE II: Definitive Edition?

In fact, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is still the most played real-time strategy game of the series, which is why it is still regularly provided with DLCs. This may also be the reason why the favorite AoE game is less in focus and only updated with new challenges and achievements. Age of Empires III will also be treated to the same extent.


Anniversary Edition & two new civilizations for AoE 4

Part IV is quite different: Here, we can not only look forward to two completely new civilizations. Even players who do not yet own this RTS game will get a special offer: On October 25, Microsoft will release the new Age of Empires: Anniversary Edition in a celebration broadcast. You can follow the stream live via the following channels:

Lead epic battles in Age of Empires 4, as impressively shown here on this screenshot. Not only the fourth part will get a free update, but also the popular AOE II Definitive Edition.
Age of Empires IV (Source: Microsoft)


Age of Empires 4, which is going to be one year old in October, gets the most new features with the Anniversary Update, including two new civilizations, the Mali and Ottomans. Both of them were presented in an exciting Trailer from Microsoft.


The upcoming changes with the Anniversary Update at a glance

  • Mali and Ottomans as new civilizations
  • Two new landscapes
  • Eight new maps
  • New challenges
  • New achievements

The Anniversary Edition, which will be released on October 25, will automatically replace the base game in the future. Buyers of this new version will receive the game with all updates released.

Here we see a screenshot from Age of Empires III, where a fleet of ships is attacking a player's base. The game will get a free update this October.
Age of Empires III (Source: Microsoft)


If you haven’t played the Age of Empire series yet, we highly recommend doing so. It’s so worth it! That’s why it is on our list of the best RTS games.

October is truly a month for celebration. Only recently were we able to report about the Trailer of a new Super Mario Movie, which will be released this coming October.

Are you also a fan of the RTS series Age of Empires? What do you think about the free updates from Microsoft? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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