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Xbox Game Pass October 2022: Latest Update Rollout That You Shouldn’t Miss

The world of freebies is exciting for October again. Members of the Xbox Game Pass can look forward to a lot of cool stuff this October, so are you and your gaming gear ready?

Game Pass October 2022 is exciting again, as Xbox has a lot of cool stuff in store for you. We summarized what’s changed including the timelines and other important deadlines for you below.

It’s that time of the month again, and Xbox has announced what’s changing for Game Pass in October 2022. Again you can look forward to new and exciting titles, updates, and more for your gaming pleasure.


New available games in October 2022 on Xbox Game Pass


  • October 4
    Chivalry II for Cloud, Console, and PC: Medieval multiplayer combat game full of swords and slashes, castle sieges, and attacks on horseback for glory.
One of the Game Pass titles for October 2022 for the Xbox app is also Chivalry2, whose cover image can be seen here. On the left side is the typographic title with letters of metal and gold, and below that is a subtitle that says online medieval warfare. On the right side, there is a knight with metal armor composed of dark, gold and red colors. Behind it, a medieval war scene can be seen, with horsemen and fighting people.
Chivalry II (Source: Torn Banner Studios/Tripwire Interactive LLC)


  • October 6
    The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season for PC. Based on the popular comic book and American TV  show of the same name, a convicted criminal gets a second chance at life in a universe destroyed by the undead.

    The Walking Dead
    : Season Two for PC. Clementine’s story continues as she is compelled to get survival skills in a crazy world and make brutal decisions.

    Medieval Dynasty for Xbox Series X|S: A journey from a lonely and poor young man who has fled from war to a multi-talented, prosperous dynasty builder.
The cover image of Medieval Dynasty, one of the Game Pass October 2022 titles for the Xbox app, shows an illustrated winter landscape. In front on the right is a hooded male hunter, a woman with a basket and some twigs in it, and behind that a little boy picking up wood from the ground. In the background there is a small medieval village with a windmill and there is a lot of snow everywhere.
Medieval Dynasty (Source: Render Cube/Toplitz Productions)


  • October 11
    Costume Quest for Cloud and Console: Just in time for trick-or-treating! Magical costumes with superpowers and special weapons. Beat the monsters and rescue the others.
    Eville for Console and PC. Available on the first day with Game Pass. You must lie to victory in a village full of a string of murders.
  • October 13
    Dyson Sphere Program for PC: Available on the first day with Game Pass. A sandbox construction game with a science fiction theme that incorporates elements of space, automated factories, adventure, and exploration.
  • October 14
    Scorn for Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S: Available on the first day with Game Pass. Everything takes place in an open world made up of intricately woven areas. You must be constantly vigilant: If you miss something important in this depressing journey, you will have no room for redemption.
The cover image from Scorn, one of the Xbox Game Pass October 2022 titles, shows weird biological pillars that are a mixture of an organic decomposing human mixed with technology.
Scorn (Source: Ebb Software/Kepler Interactive)


  • October 18
    A Plague Tale: Requiem for Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S: Available on the first day with Game Pass. Stepping into the visionary but breathtakingly cruel world, embarking on a poignant and heart-wrenching journey. At all costs, just to survive, to save your loved ones, and to feel the tangle and pain.
We see the cover of A Plague Tale Requiem, one of the titles for the the PC Xbox App. On the left is the name written in an old font, and on the right are two girls behind each other. The one in the front is a young adult, the one in the back is a young girl. Both are looking into the camera and the whole scene is in front of a dark background.
A Plaque Tale: Requiem (Source: Asobo Studio/Focus Home Interactive)


Don’t miss these as well

Prodeus is available for Cloud and Console and Microsoft Flight Simulator with its World Update 11 (Canada) also on Game Pass in October 2022.

  • October 11
    As Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, you can get the Housewarming Bundle for Eville and the Deluxe Edition Upgrade for Need for Speed Heat.
    Also, the From Above Weapon Charm for Apex Legends from October 11, 2022.


Game Pass October 2022 Deadlines


  • October 11
    The in-game event of The Elder Scrolls Online: Heroes of the High Isle is coming to an end.
  • October 15
    The following six games will be leaving the Game Pass library on October 15, and a membership discount of up to 20% can be applied to save these games in your Game Pass library:

    for Cloud, Console, and PC
    Echo Generation for Cloud, Console, and PC
    Into The Pit for Cloud, Console, and PC
    Ring of Pain for Cloud, Console, and PC
    Sable for Cloud, Console, and PC
    The Good Life for Cloud, Console, and PC


What do you think of the news for Game Pass in October 2022? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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