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Super Mario Movie: All Trailers for the Mario Film (Update #3)

Super Mario goes again into battle against Bowser, but this time in a new feature film. We gathered all the details for the upcoming movie that is going to hit cinemas worldwide on April 7, 2023.

Game Pass for November 2022: Plenty of New Games to Play

Members can look forward to a variety of exciting titles and other free goodies again this month. From retro to sports, over simulations and adventures to hack'n'slay, there is once again a lot to do.

Xbox Game Pass October 2022: Latest Update Rollout That You Shouldn’t Miss

Xbox has many cool new titles for you in October again. There is something for all tastes and a couple of updates and we are already looking forward to the coming weeks.

Games with Gold October 2022: Xbox Announces Two New Titles

The new titles for October are now officially confirmed. You can play them exclusively with an Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership and also have access to another 100 top games.

Best Platformer Games: 5 Titles About Finding Ground Again

Even though all jump 'n' run games are predominantly titles where you have to overcome obstacles, the presentation and gameplay style is very varied and ultimately account for the long-term motivation. A look at our list grants an overview of particularly good titles.

Best RTS Games: A Top 5 of Real-Time Strategy Picks

Real-time strategy games and their level of fun depend on many factors. We have summarized these factors and which games fulfill them particularly well for you in this list.

PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2022: What’s Coming for Autumn?

PlayStation has finally announced the upcoming titles for October. If you have a subscription, you can look forward to some very fun and challenging games for the beginning of autumn.

The Best Survival Games PS4 / PS5: Our Favorites

There are many different games on Playstation 4 / 5 in which you fight for your bare survival. We picked our favorites from the recent past and maybe our list can help you out in finding your next adventure.

Games Like It Takes Two: The Top 15 Best Co-op Games

Cooperative gameplay is extremely popular among today's gamers. To make the search easier, we have compiled a top 15 list of awesome co-op games for you. Have fun.

Best Free RPG Games: A Top 10 List

The range of free RPG games is exploding. It's time to find out which are the 10 Best Free RPG Games currently available. Our list gives you an insight.

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