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Goose Goose Duck Game: A GGD Guide With Tips & Tricks

Take advantage of others' trust or be the best friend you can imagine. It depends on the role you play.

In the Goose Goose Duck game, you are either hunter or prey. Well, in this case, ducks or geese. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages. To help you quickly get into this wacky title, we’ve put together a GGD guide with some helpful tips & tricks for your “Duckventure”.

Goose Goose Duck was released on October 3, 2021, and Gaggle Studios’ debut title has been causing quite a stir and a high level of engagement ever since. It can take a while to get used to the sometimes misnamed Duck Duck Goose game though. We’ve put together some helpful information and tips to get you started. Feel free to watch the trailer below to get some cool impressions beforehand:



Find an easy entry into the new Among Us alternative with our Goose Goose Duck Guide

Are you new to GGD and want to get into the game and mechanics as quickly as possible? With this guide and our helpful tips, you will get a quick and smooth start. Some basic facts for possible Newcomers first:


Is the game free?

Goose Goose Duck is free-to-play. It only includes some microtransactions for cosmetic purposes. However, these are not mandatory.


Where can I get the game?

You can find the download links for all available Platforms (On Steam for PC, macOS, Google Play Store for Android, and Apple Store for iOS) on the website of developer Gaggle Studios.


What is this Goose Goose Duck game all about?

Perhaps you have already noticed: The game’s structure is very similar to Among us. There are two factions competing against each other – the geese as a cabin crew and the ducks as traitors in goose costumes. The geese aboard the spaceship called SS Mother Goose must work in cooperation to try to keep the spaceship stable and complete various missions in the process. The ducks, on the other hand, must try to prevent this from happening and sneakily murder unsuspecting members of the geese.


How do I quickly become familiar with GGD?

When you start the game, you will see a short introduction explaining the purpose of the game. After the introduction, you will find yourself on the start screen, and you can start right away. However, we recommend that you watch the in-game tutorial of the Goose Goose game beforehand, which will explain the gameplay and all related game elements in detail. Once you have understood and internalized the theory, then it can go into practice. Enter a lobby by clicking on the menu button “Play”. There you can either join a random lobby or create your own and invite friends.


What is the gameplay like?

Up to 16 players can join a lobby. Once you’ve joined, you have some time before you get into the actual gameplay. If you are in the team of geese, now is the opportunity to consult with each other and see tasks that are given to you or that you assign to other players. The tasks and their status are always visible at the top left of the screen. Complete the tasks with your goose in time to win the game. As a duck in disguise, you have to disrupt this plan by secretly killing the geese and/or sabotaging their tasks.


What are the Goose Goose Duck roles or classes?

Oh yes, there are! In this Co-op title, you can take on up to 24 different roles, which we have listed below with a brief explanation.

  • Vigilante – Kill a player without consequences
  • Vulture – Eat dead bodies for victory
  • Falcon – Carry home victory as the last survivor
  • Mechanic – Use vents like ducks
  • Pigeon – Win the game by infecting everyone before the meeting
  • Gravy – Increase your bounty by completing tasks
  • Snoop – Hide in cracks or nooks
  • Dodo – Get outvoted and achieve a victory that way
  • Mimic – Ducks see you as a duck even though you are a goose
  • Birdwatcher – Can look through walls with limited visibility
  • Medium – See the number of ghosts
  • Technician – Spot approximate locations of acts of sabotage on the minimap
  • Canadian – Your killer will be automatically reported after a short period of time
  • Sheriff – Kill anyone, but if it’s a Duck, you’ll die too
  • Morphling – Take on the identical form of another player for a certain amount of time
  • Silencer – Mute one player every round
  • Lover – Link up with another goose or duck and are more likely to win if your partner also survives to the end
  • Detective – Investigate a player once per game to see if he has killed yet
  • Cannibal – Eat one player per game to cover your trail
  • Spy – If you are the only one who voted for someone, you can check out his role
  • Bodyguard – Protect a specific player until the end of the game and get a reward
  • Assassin – Kill players by guessing their role correctly or die if you are wrong
  • Professional – Kill secretly so that geese can’t see and report your victim
  • Hitman – Get a bonus by killing a special target
Here again, we see from above several geese and ducks standing together in the meeting room around a rectangular beige table with a red buzzer button on it. The room is red carpeted and somewhat angled. On the left side against the wall is a green potted plant and next to it is an old brown tube TV. On the opposite side at the bottom right of the picture is a hexagonal billiard table with many balls and a billiard cue. The players all have different colors and some have masks or glasses on. Above their heads are their names in gray capital letters.
Rec Room in GGD (Source: Gaggle Studios)


More helpful GGD tips that will make you a better Quack

In order for you to quickly become a determined goose or duck and master your craft, we can give you these tips along the way:


Stay focused (Goose)

In the game, the ducks are the predators, and the goose is the prey. Specifically, as a goose, you shouldn’t let this fact get you down because you and your team will have a head start in time with the right strategy. Stay focused and complete your tasks as quickly as possible.


Try to be careful of possible ducks (Goose)

As a goose ghost, you just keep going. You can no longer attend meetings, but you can still continue your missions that can bring victory to the geese.


Calling a meeting (Goose)

Call a meeting immediately if you see someone kill someone or disappear through a ventilation shaft, and pass the information on to your teammates.


Use the vents (Duck)

As a duck, you must try to remain undetected as a killer and saboteur. You can do this very well by quickly leaving a crime scene through a vent. But don’t let others catch you doing it, or you risk being voted out.


The smartwatch is your friend (Duck)

If you’re a duck, you should definitely use this feature! It can be utilized to damage parts of the spaceship or generate sabotage missions to attract and kill unsuspecting ducks.


Stay normal (Duck)

You have caught the duck roll. Now don’t try to pull yourself out of suspicion with wild arguments. On the contrary, just act normal and keep calm. Raise a few issues here and there, e.g. why you don’t trust person X or Y while you pursue your murderous plans. Saying nothing is not a good solution either. Find the calm middle ground.


Agree with other lies (Duck)

When you encounter a lonely and innocent goose together, call a meeting and accuse the goose of being a duck. Cover the lies of your fellow ducks, and you should be successful.


Stay with your teammates (Duck)

Always try to stay in a group of three or more ducks. If someone gets the idea to leave the ship, follow and kill him quickly. Return to the group with the excuse of not having understood a task and asking for help.


Request for help

Pretend to need help with a task. If someone aids you, it means that he trusts you. Make sure to kill him as soon as he finishes the task.

As a Goose, we are looking at a ship duty in first person perspective. In the center of the image is a power station in gray with a green display that says "Powering Up..." in capital letters. Below that is some kind of microphone or speaker, and slightly diagonally to the top right above that is a red rectangular button. To the right of this is a black power cable, which leads to a socket further up on the right. The plug is not yet plugged in and it will be the goose's job to plug it back into the socket. Behind the power device, we catch sight of various spaceship-like elements in blue and also brown.
A ship duty in Goose Goose Duck (Source: Gaggle Studios)


If you don’t care if it’s called Duck Duck Goose or GGD, but you want more Guides or Game Tips

If you like to play with friends and want to have a little head start in knowledge, we can recommend you our Core Keeper Guide. A great game with wonderful retro graphics and a lot of charm. For a bit more casual fun, we recommend you check out the Best Platformer Games or some Fun Apps for Android & iOS to play on the go.


Do you prefer to be part of the goose or duck faction? Let us know in the comments below.

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