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Hell Let Loose Tips: How to Master the Gameplay & New Update

Are you a fan of WWII shooters but want a game that focuses on hard realism instead of only fast action? Welcome to Hell Let Loose. The name says it all.

Hell Let Loose is another answer to the desire of many gamers for more realism and hardcore combat. Check out our Hell Let Loose Tips and gameplay insights to get a perfect start in the game.


Games like Red Orchestra or Squad have led the way, moving away from fast action and towards realism. Hell Let Loose is another great example of hardcore tactical shooters set in World War II. Developed by Black Matter using Unreal Engine 4, it was released via Steam in 2019 as Early Access. The game then went from beta to official release in July 2021.


What is the Hell Let Loose gameplay like?

In this first-person shooter, you’ll go into battle in the role of either a German or an Allied soldier on a huge, very realistic-looking battlefield. This game is also often referred to as the “Anti-Battlefield”. Like the Battlefield series, it includes large maps and a lot of open space. However, it focuses on hardcore realism and moves away from overly fast gunfights and movement, as we are used to from the Battlefield series.

In a squad of up to 6 players, you go to war with up to 100 players simultaneously on one server. The maps are based on well-known, real locations during the Second World War. On each map, there are various objectives, which you have to complete together with your team. Tactical actions and communication within the team will mercilessly decide about victory and defeat. As usual in shooters, in Hell Let Loose, you’ll have several classes at your disposal, which have different responsibilities.

In the bottom view, we look at a muddy brown crossroads in daylight, which almost completely takes up the lower half of the image. In the center, a brown mud puddle can be seen, in which the light is reflected. Around the intersection are numerous green bushes. A little further back on the right is an Allied M4 Sherman tank. Behind the intersection, in the background of the picture a yellow field can be seen and behind it an avenue of trees. It is advisable to look at helpful Hell Let Loose tips on gameplay in advance to be successful in this game. Team play is very crucial here. The next major update for the title will be released on December 6.
Hell Let Loose countryside screenshot (Source: Black Matter/Team17)


What classes/roles are there?

On both the Axis and Allied sides, you have 14 roles at your disposal, which we will briefly explain below.

  • Anti-Tank: Destroys armored vehicles.
  • Assault: Storms buildings and fights at close range.
  • Automatic Rifleman: Supports his squad with suppressive fire.
  • Commander: Marks targets and coordinates operations.
  • Crewman: Navigates, repairs vehicles, or acts as a tank gunner.
  • Engineer: Builds fuel nodes, barricades, or lays mines.
  • Machine Gunner: Provides heavy suppression fire to support his squad.
  • Medic: Treats wounded soldiers.
  • Officer: Leader of the squad, gives orders.
  • Rifleman: Good for distance battles.
  • Sniper: Detects enemies at long distances and takes them out.
  • Spotter: Sights, disrupts, or destroys enemy nodes behind the front line.
  • Support: Works with the Officer and delivers supply crates.
  • Tank Commander: Coordinates and leads the tank crew.
In the center of this screenshot, a green AT-Cannon is shown in total view behind a sandbag barricade facing the left side of the image. It stands on brown sandy ground, which takes up most of the image. To the right of the cannon, numerous spent shell casings lie on the ground. Also in this picture, there is bright sunshine and a few white clouds appear in the blue sky. A puddle of water is shown in the lower right foreground of the picture. Further back in the image a green landscape with numerous different green trees and bushes can be seen and behind it, there is a field. To the right, a sandy path leads out of the background right to the front of the image. Further, in the distance, a horizontally running stone wall can be seen and behind it an avenue of trees.
AT-cannon in Hell Let Loose (Source: Black Matter/Team17)


With these 6 Hell Let Loose Tips, you’ll leave the battlefield glorious


1. Look for a good shooting position

Increase your effectiveness in battle by always looking for a favorable position from which you can fire well and take cover at the same time. This will not only extend your life in the game but also increase your kills. The more you play the maps, the better you will be able to identify and use potential positions. Also, take advantage of camouflage in bushes, for example, in order to become more invisible to enemies.


2. Move carefully and tactically in Hell Let Loose

A fast and especially careless movement in this game often means a quick death. Many times you will find yourself alone on the open field and have to find the way back to your squad. It’s better to stay low and under cover to avoid being spotted by snipers or shot by a machine gun. Keep being alert and ready to fight at all times. In case of emergency, you can reach your target under the cover of a smoke grenade. Keep in mind, however, that this will also draw the enemy’s attention to you. Otherwise, you can also call in suppressive fire from a team machine gunner if necessary. Speaking of communication…


3. Always maintain good communication with your squad

You will quickly realize: Lone-wolfing means quick death in Hell Let Loose. It is best to join a squad that is well organized in terms of roles and that communicates more rather than less with each other. It will pay off for you in any case, and you will be much more likely to achieve your goals through mutual support.


4. Report enemy contact quickly

If you are shot at, you should try to react immediately by lying down on the ground. This way, you reduce your attack surface, are ideally protected for the time being, and can take a breath if you’re lucky. Use this opportunity to find out the approximate enemy position. Give the position to your squad, e.g., with the help of your compass, so that your Team can help you out of this miserable situation if necessary. In case of emergency, use the visual marker on the map with the help of the marker tool.


5. Effectively eliminate tanks

They are the terror of every infantryman: A tank can change the course of the battle in a few seconds. But tanks also have weak points, which the Anti-Tank (AT) class can use optimally to your advantage. Therefore, at least one person on your team should choose this role. Otherwise, you can take armored vehicles under fire very well with an AT cannon. Both the body, tracks, and turret of the tank now get separate damage. As an AT soldier, concentrate on one of these areas. A special weak point is the rear of the tank.


6. Drop equipment before possible death

For example, if you are the first to storm a building and there is a good chance that you will die, it is a good idea to let the team know and drop off all your supplies beforehand. If you die, at least your team will have some more things to use.


Hell Let Loose Update – Burning Snow, Crossplay & More

The Burning Snow update releases today, December 6th, 2022. After “Falling Dark” now follows another big update, providing a huge open snow-covered map called Kharkov. In addition, the update implies many items and vehicles highly desired by the community, such as Molotov cocktails, the flamethrower, the Kübelwagen, the Willys jeep, and the tank T-70 on the Soviet side. This official Trailer gives you a glimpse of the snowy update:


The winter update will be complemented by other DLCs, which will give the player more new cosmetic content, such as new helmets. On Steam, you can see the whole list of new stuff that is coming.

The game also supports crossplay, but not between consoles and PC. This means you are able to play Hell Let Loose on Xbox with gamers playing the title on PlayStation. The team has deliberately decided on a separation here.


Less hardcore, more casual fun, please!

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In case you prefer more relaxed and casual fun, check out this great alternative to Among Us, the Goose Goose Duck game, or our ranking of the Best Platformer Games.


What is your favorite role in the squad? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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