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The Last of Us on HBO: Trailers for the TV Show & Release Date in 2023 (Update #2)

With the release of the first proper trailer, HBO has got fans of The Last of Us excited. Another video game adaptation to look forward to.

Yesterday, in celebration of the Last of Us Day, HBO released the first real trailer for their new TV show. The Series is based on the popular computer game with the same title.

The trailer already gives us a good insight into the exciting and also action-packed atmosphere of the ten-episode TV show and also the acting of the main characters are impressively presented.

In The Last of Us, we see the main characters Joel and Ellie wandering through abandoned places, which is also shown in this picture. On the left of the picture is also the part of the game "The Last of Us" in white.
Joel and Ellie (Source: Naughty Dog, Sony Computer Entertainment)


Update, December 5th

HBO has now officially confirmed the unintentional announcement of the start date for the TV show in a Tweet. The launch of the series will be, in fact, on January 15, 2023.


The second trailer has been released

It’s getting exciting! In about a month, the adventure around Ellie and Joel will begin. Since yesterday, another trailer for the game adaptation by HBO is available and gives us fresh insights into the TV Show and the characters. You can watch the brand-new Trailer here:


Update, November 1st

We’ve got some great news for you because it seems that a premiere date for The Last of Us has finally been set.


Release date of The Last of Us on HBO

HBO Max subscribers may have already noticed: The text description on the front page of the Sneak Peek has a release date that indicates January 15 in the U.S., while in the U.K., it appears to start a day later on January 16.

We can’t wait. What about you?

A sneak peek image of the TV show "The Last of Us" Season 1 is shown here. We see the main character Joel in the center of the picture in a brown leather jacket from behind in the semi-close-up, as he looks straight to the left. In the background, a destroyed house facade with torn wallpaper can be seen slightly out of focus. The image is overall very brownish and desaturated. on the lower half of the image is written in white letters "The Last of Us: Season 1 Sneak Peek". Below that, in gray somewhat transparent font, is information about the length and playback quality. Below that are icons for playback including the play button and the timeline. At the bottom, in the same transparent font, is a brief description of the series, which inadvertently revealed the series start date as the last sentence: "Premieres Jan. 15."
The Last of Us Sneak-Peek Screenshot (Source: HBO)


Original Article September 27

What is The Last of Us from HBO about?

The world’s population has been almost completely wiped out by an infection with a fungus. A Texan man named Joel is given the job of smuggling the 14-year-old girl Ellie out of a quarantine zone suppressed by the U.S. military. This job increasingly puts the man and the little girl to the test and becomes a bitter struggle for survival. The Last of Us tells the exciting and, at the same time, very touching cohesion of two people in a bleak, post-apocalyptic environment.

The main characters Ellie and Joel are standing on a meadow in the TV show The Last of Us on HBO. We look at them from behind and see the wide meadow over their shoulder. The green leaves of a tree can be seen in the upper left corner and a drony dark shrub in the center of the image. The meadow in front of them slopes slightly and rises again to a hill in the background.
The Last of Us TV show (Source: HBO, Sony Pictures Television)


Game of Thrones actor duo

Actor Pedro Pascal, whom we know from Game of Thrones, slips into the role of Texan Joel. The 14-year-old girl Ellie is played by the young British actress Bella Ramsay, who also made a very successful acting debut in the role of Lyanna Mormont in GoT.
The other roles also have a top cast with actress Nico Parker (“The Third Day”) as Sarah, Gabriel Luna (“True Detective”) as Tommy, Murray Bartlett (“The White Lotus”) as Frank, Anna Torv (“Mindhunter”) as Tess.


Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t tell us yet when exactly the Series will start. However, we already know that it will start on HBO somewhen in 2023.

The upcoming year is going to be grateful in terms of Movies & TV Shows. In conjunction with the news regarding the Super Mario Movie and The Witcher Season 3, we can remain excited.

Are you a fan of the popular game and can’t wait for the TV show to start? Share your thoughts on the upcoming Series in the comments below.

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