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Kynseed: Fable Developers Reveal Release Date of Sandbox RPG

Give yourself a break and find your inner peace again in the pixel-art life simulation from some of the Fable developers.

Friends of pixel art games, listen up. The sandbox RPG Kynseed from the developers of the famous game Fable now has a release date. It will leave Early Access as early as December of this year.


Even if winter doesn’t bring snow this year, it will definitely give handmade pixels! The 2D sandbox game by PixelCount Studios is a creation of some Fable developers and will be released before Christmas in version v1.0. The title is based on old legends, traditions, and British folklore and will let you play the entire life cycle of your characters. On Twitter, the developers officially announced December 6, 2022, as the release date.


Discover Kynseed – a retro life simulation from former Fable developers

Experience a simulation of a very special kind. In Kynseed you’ll grow up, start a family, run businesses and build a fruitful economy. What makes this game special is that all the game characters also age and die over time. When you die as a player, you take control of your children and continue to run your businesses and farms with honor. Build your dream life and create your favorite place to return to and take a rest again and again.

Build a profitable farm or run several stores, as seen in this screenshot: We see the interior of a blacksmith shop with several characters in it. The release date of Kynseed is now known. The game by the Fable developers will be released in December 2022.
Screenshot of Kynseed (Source: PixelCount Studios)


Your idyll is in danger

But while you go about your business, cultivate your fields or fish, you must be alert. Because you are not alone! Nasty monsters and powerful gods are always making your life difficult and want to hinder your affairs. To defend yourself, you can brew all sorts of potions from various ingredients. Go to adventurous areas in the game and fight fabulous creatures. Powerful artifacts can help you with this.

Watch the brand-new trailer from Fable Developers here:


The Kynseed RPG has already been in the works since 2017 and released in 2018 with Early Access. After five years, most of the game content is now polished and ready for the big stage. But this is not to be the end by a long shot. Work on further updates is already underway. Spring 2023 should see the Tavern update, which brings the ability to craft beer and clean up the mess of happy fairies and gnomes. Then, in the following months, two major story updates are to follow, which will add more characters, intrigue, and events. It has also been rumored for a long time that a co-op or multiplayer mode might be coming at some point. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

In this screenshot of the new Pixel Sandbox RPG, we see the player just interacting with an old Man in a green landscape.
Screenshot of Kynseed (Source: PixelCount Studios)


If you are a friend of original games like Kynseed

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What’s your favorite thing about simulation games like Kynseed? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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