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LLL Game: New MMORPG Sci-Fi Shooter Introduced by NCSoft

Fight for your survival in a futuristic Seoul - on foot or in a giant battle mech. Whatever you can get your hands on.

NCSoft has unveiled its new MMO Sci-Fi shooter. As part of the announcement, there is a lot of information from the developers about the game and in-game footage to admire.

Today, South Korean developer studio NCSoft (known for games like Guild Wars, Aion, or Blade & Soul) officially announced that it is currently working on a new game IP. The game is set in a future Seoul and combines various genres.


The LLL game will be a futuristic MMORPG

The so-called LLL game seems to be a mix of Sci-Fi Shooter and MMO. The new title was presented today, along with several interviews of the developer as well two videos showing gameplay.

Experience a new sci-fi shooter from NCsoft soon. The LLL game is an MMO. Here we can see a screenshot of the game, which shows a gameplay scene where the player is seen in the third-person perspective at the bottom left of the screen and is about to open fire on a combat robot in the background. The character is on a street in the middle of an abandoned, ruined, post-apocalyptic rainy city. We see tank barricades, street signs, and destroyed skyscrapers in the background, from which flames are beating and smoke is coming out. Overall, the scenery is very gloomy, almost kept in black and white. Even the main character's battle suit is mostly black with some cyan accents. The street has many puddles that reflect the surrounding lights.
Combat robots in LLL (Source: NCSoft)


The first video is a gameplay trailer. Here you can get a feeling of the setting, which according to the developer, is a modern, but fictional Seoul with historical influences. The character runs in third person through a devastated city and defeats heavily armed enemies. That the game is a sci-fi shooter becomes clear at the latest when the player controls a giant battle mech. At the end of the video, we also get to see a gigantic ominous creature.


The second video features interviews with the lead developers, including technical director Son Donghee, art director Bae Incheol, as well as Bae Jaehyun as the project lead. During the interview, a lot of different game content is shown. There is in-game footage and various concepts of the LLL game to see, about which the developers talk. According to Jaehyun, the concept of the game is based on two central questions:

“what if multiple groups at starkly different levels of technological advancement were to encounter each other?”

“if technology were to advance without limitations, would what it means to be human also change?”


He also says that the game is an open-world title that will offer quite a lot of exploration possibilities with an area more than 30 km (18.64 miles) wide. The fictional story of the game takes place in the South Korean capital Seoul, which, due to grievances, mixed a futuristic 23rd century with Byzantine influences. There are numerous Sci-Fi games, such as Dune, which inspired the artists.

This screenshot shows the player standing in front of a giant creature that towers into the sky in NCsoft's new game. The creature consists of numerous, huge arms, swirls of numerous dark particles and red glowing light can be seen in its center. The scenery is foggy and very dark in black and white. In the background, dark clouds, some of which are also glowing red, are moving in.
Strange enemies in LLL (Source: NCSoft)


According to the project manager, the team travels to Seoul frequently to create 3D maps from scans and to gather new source material for the LLL game. The two videos already reveal a lot of information about the gameplay. In addition to infantry and controllable robots, there will also be helicopters you can control to explore the environment. With two different gameplay modes, such as PvE as well as PvP, the developer also plans for all tastes.


According to NCSoft, LLL is scheduled for release in 2024 for consoles and PC.


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What should a game like LLL definitely contain? Feel free to write us in the comments below.

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