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Meet Your Maker: Free Innovative Shooter Game Shakes up Genre

Do you think Minecraft is too cuddly and clunky? Then this sandbox title offers you a suitable alternative for real adults.

An exceptional kind of shooter has been launched today. Meet Your Maker is the new game from Behaviour Interactive and invites you to conquer and defend eagerly.


It’s going to get rusty and dusty in Meet You Maker. The new game from the creators of Dead by Daylight transports you as a player to a post-apocalyptic desert landscape where three things are paramount: creation, infiltration, and defense.


A game about creation and destruction

Meet Your Maker is a so-called build-and-raid first-person shooter. You build an outpost that you can equip with traps and guards. Why? Other gamers can try to capture your fortress to get valuable construction resources, which they can use to expand and defend their outpost. So you surely want to place as many traps and obstacles in your base as possible.

Vice versa, you can go on a raid yourself and try to conquer the enemy fortress. The goal is to steal valuable genetic material (GenMat) from the enemy base to create new weapons, traps, guards, and building elements. But also your equipment can be upgraded with the help of the gained resources and individually adapted to your play style. Do you want to be a brutal berserker or a sneaky rogue in the raid? Below you can watch the released trailers of Meet Your Maker.


No two base builds are alike in Meet Your Maker

Make every base your own. In Meet Your Maker, you’re a soldier and a level designer at the same time. The game allows you to completely customize your outpost thanks to various props, building elements, customizable guards, and traps.


The Sanctuary is the heart of your base

Your in-game operation starts in the Sanctuary. This is your hub, where you plan your next steps and improve your arsenal. The Sanctuary is also the home of the Chimera, a living experience that you must supply with pure genetic material to survive and evolve. This will also ensure the improvement of your outpost.

Here we see the Chimera in the Sanctuary, the base of operations for each outpost in Meet Your Maker.
Meet Your Maker screenshot (Source: Behaviour Interactive)


Play Meet Your Maker in Co-op

If you don’t want to go raiding or upgrading your outpost alone, you can play the build-and-raid shooter with a friend in a 2-player Co-op. This offers you new tactical, strategic and creative possibilities in the gameplay. To get a great insight into the actual gameplay, check the following video.


Build, raid, and upgrade

Are you getting hungry for this new kind of shooter? Starting today, it will be playable for Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S (at 1 am PT/4 am ET), PS4/PS5 (at 6 am PT/9 am ET), and PC (at 8 am PT/11 am ET). As a PS Plus subscriber, you can even get the steampunk-style treat for free.


The first major upgrade, “Dredshore,” has already been announced

In a roadmap, the developers have promised to release new content and updates in the coming months regularly. In addition, the map also reveals the first major upgrade, “Dredshore,” which should already be released in June and probably brings some underwater biome into the game.

The player stands in an enemy base in first person, armed with a big Rifle in front of a guard who is about to open fire.
Screenshot from Meet Your Maker (Source: Behaviour Interactive)


Look forward to innovative shooters

This title further proves that some developers are ambitiously working on original shooter recipes to revolutionize the genre. The Finals is an equally impressive example – a game that could rival Counter-Strike: GO.

Warzone Season 2 is another ideal shooter for you if you prefer battle royale and tactical operations but can do without base-building.

If you’re more of a shooter fan who likes things a little more silent and creepy, you should take a closer look at the Resident Evil 4 Remake.


Did we hit your creative vein? Which side of the game do you like more, the building or the conquering, or even both? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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