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Ark 2 Will Be Jaw-Dropping, but the Release Date Changed (Again)

Unfortunately, the jungle now calls from further away, because your adventure will be delayed. But it will be all the more brilliant for it.

The world is eagerly awaiting Ark 2, and gamers wonder about the release date of the futuristic dinosaur survival MMO. However, the developers have now announced a new delay of Ark 2 to bring an even more exquisite successor to the market.


It’s news that will surely disappoint many fans at first. Developer Studio Wildcard has done it again and shifted the Ark 2 release date to next year. Nonetheless, they promise that this will pay off and provide gamers with a “truly exceptional and rewarding experience.” The successor to the beloved dinosaur survival game has been in development for several years and was first announced in December 2020.


The reason for delaying the Ark 2 release date

Delaying the release date of the game was a strategic decision “after careful consideration.” On the one hand, Studio Wildcard wants to lighten the team’s load, but on the other hand, they also want to release the best possible version of Ark Survival Evolved 2. Since the game uses Unreal Engine 5, the developers need enough time to get to know it completely to utilize it optimally.


When does Ark 2 come out?

The developers did not specify an exact date, but at least a closer time frame. The successor is currently scheduled to appear at the end of 2024. This is quite a long postponement that will hopefully reward the fanbase. So far, the game is scheduled to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


Ark 2 trailer and teaser glory


In the teaser above, we see acting star Vin Diesel as a fully rendered character who will play a central role in the game. Diesel is a massive fan of the Ark franchise and executive producer of the second installment.

Two years later, the developers released a trailer announcing the earlier postponement of Ark 2 from 2022 to 2023. Even if all this waiting wears on the nerves. Shifts in the gaming industry seem to be piling up and feel a little weird compared to a couple of years ago. The pandemic has probably set a direction that is now somehow part of everyday life. But this impressive video creates an extreme desire for the new part and sparks big anticipation.


What we know about the Ark 2 gameplay

Unfortunately, even the second trailer doesn’t give us any official gameplay impressions besides exciting cinematic scenes. Nonetheless, the main Ark 2 gameplay features are already set. Moreover, the team promises to give us glimpses of the gameplay in the near future. We have listed below, what we know about the Ark 2 gameplay so far.


Melee combat system à la Souls-Like

Dodge, block, staggers, combos, special attacks, and target-lock are important aspects in combat that challenge your skill as a player.


The entire Unreal Engine 5 mechanical and eye candy

Experience how water flows around obstacles and how physical forces influence localized weather systems, volumetric storm clouds, particles, smoke, and much more with UE5. Also worked on is a photorealistic day-night cycle that enables real-time shadows and ambient light in both natural and user-created environments.


A great story-line

Immerse yourself in an epic tale with Vin Diesel (“Riddick”) as the legendary hero Santiago. He tries to protect his daughter Meeka from the visions of the new future and the ghosts of the ancient past in Ark 2.


Versatile movement in the style of an Assassin’s Creed

Impressive third-person movement mechanics await you in Ark Survival Evolved 2, including free climbing, swinging, sneaking, parkour, and dashing. But at the same time, that means the time of the first-person perspective is over for now.


Conquer a huge new and mysterious world

Enter a chaotic world of mysteries, stunning plants, and animals populated by mighty dinosaurs. This hasn’t changed much compared to the first part, but considering the current progress in UE5’s development and the time the developers have until the end of 2024, all of this will probably look extremely stunning.


AI creatures are equipped with all senses

Animals now hunt you by sound, smell, and sight. Learn to hide your scent, use obstacles in the environment, and disguise with visual camouflage. Creatures can intelligently move around player-created structures and obstacles thanks to dynamic pathfinding.

Two smaller dinosaurs of the same species can be seen in the profile up close. The release date of Ark 2 is planned for 2024.
Ark 2 screenshot (Source: Grove Street Games/Studio Wildcard)


Advanced cross-platform modding

Fully stackable, gamer-created mods for new gameplay features, items, creatures, and maps will be available on all platforms. It will also be possible to use modified unofficial servers.


Dynamic world events

Numerous events keep happening in Ark II, and you can choose to interact with them. Take on unique challenges and earn lucrative rewards through special happenings. This will probably have a big impact on the multiplayer experience.


Advanced template sharing & building

Instanced rendering and network streaming provide significantly better server and client performance for the more complex structures you build and give extended draw distance. You can save and share your favorite building templates, place them in the world, and build them together as a team.


Component-based item crafting

Craft your tools and weapons using many modules to change their functionality and appearance. You’ll have countless combinations at your disposal so that you can craft your very own special equipment. To do this, find and collect specific resources in unique areas of the world.


Character and skill system

Develop your character and skills by overcoming unique challenges and completing objectives. Use the knowledge and experience points gained to further develop a variety of passive benefits, perks, and active abilities in the skill tree. This already worked great in the first part, and we are excited to see the further development of mechanics along these lines.


Fight opposing forces in PvE

The enemy “Aratai” will hunt you as a human on tamed dinosaurs and try to drive you out of their world. Face them resolutely as a hero, dominate them, and show who is the strongest in the jungle.

In Ark Survival Evolved 2, you'll fight as Vin Diesel against a T-Rex. Here the protagonist faces the giant.
Screenshot from Ark 2 (Source: Grove Street Games/Studio Wildcard)


Wilderness also calls in other great games

While we still have to wait for the successor to Ark: Survival Evolved, many other first-class titles already offer a similar setting. Check out our favorites for multi-platform Open World Games, or get a good overview of what we think are the Best Survival Games on PS4 & PS5.

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Are you also a true Ark fan like Vin Diesel? What features are you most looking forward to in the new Ark II? Let us know in the comments below.

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