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Warzone Season 2 Goes Live Tomorrow With Hot Patch Notes

After the celebration of love, the shooting continues right away. Warzone 2 wants to bring back the good mechanics from 1.0. Yes, we look at you 2v2 Gulag.

In Warzone Season 2, you can not only look forward to the return of a celebrated game mode. The patch notes have a lot more delicacies in store for you. Find everything about the upcoming new gameplay features of CoD in this article.


Tomorrow there will be another reason to jump in, as the official launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and its Warzone Season 2 is set for February 15 at 9 AM PT. Bring yourself in the right mood and take a look at the brand-new launch trailer below.


Warzone Season 2 patch notes and gameplay changes at a glance

Not only does the new Season bring a popular mode back into the game. Warzone players can also look forward to a new BR map. In the following, we have summarized the most important patch notes for you:


Welcome to Ashika Island

Get faster, more intense BR battles on Ashika Island, a Japanese island with a centuries-old village. It is smaller than Al Mazrah and allows battle royale for up to 50 players.


Resurgence Mode

Play the popular Resurgence mode on Ashika Island. It is available for all squad sizes and allows respawns as long as a member of your squad is still alive.


“Restore Honor”

Get a helpful strategy to ensure your continued survival with this new feature. As an Operator, you drop a Restore Honor token once per game when you die on Ashika Island. Collect them to get information about supply crates, enemy positions as well as cash.


DMZ Ashika Island

The new map will include many exciting POIs as well as a new weapon case, a new boss, and new locked rooms to explore.

We are again looking at a squad of four soldiers in military gear and combat helmets, but this time from the front. They are about to take off.
Play in the squad of four in CoD: Warzone 2.0 (Source: Activision/Infinity Ward)


New DMZ Faction Missions

The new and fourth faction in DMZ is called “Crown”. To play it, however, you must be an owner of the Modern Warfare 2 main game.



A new AI fighter will join you: The Rusher. He has a deadly short sword and is very agile, making him an ideal melee fighter. But in case of emergency, he also has a pistol with him, if a target is not directly reachable.


DMZ Reset

With Season 2, the DMZ will be reset for the first time, so all operators will be able to reboot. All permanent content from Season 1, including Insured Weapon Slots, will be retained.


In addition, more game mechanics are coming to the free Warzone 2, which will make the title much more fun again than 1.0:

  • 1vs1 Gulag is back with flag at the end
  • Loadout drops twice during the match (1st and 5th gas circle)
  • Loot drops from crates on the ground or opponents
  • Three armor plates for everyone
  • All players are getting the same backpack
  • Every buy station offers you loadout drops


Get more detailed information about the new features of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and WZ 2 in the official Call of Duty Blog post.

A squad of four soldiers looks down from the plane at a vast landscape. The Warzone Season 2 patch notes bring many new features.
WZ 2.0 screenshot (Source: Activision/Infinity Ward)


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What features are you looking forward to the most in Warzone Season 2? How do you like WZ 2 in general? Let us know in the comments below.

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