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Star Wars Outlaws Is Big but Authentic (Dev News)

Who do you want to work for? In any case, decent loot and reputation await you if you succeed. But your stealthy actions can have consequences...

We have new and exciting details about Star Wars Outlaws. The developers shared a new behind-the-scenes video giving us more gameplay insights and how the incredible open world will actually turn out.


To all crime fans: the wanted system and many iconic planets and locations from the beloved sci-fi universe will be included in Star Wars Outlaws. So let’s get straight to the point.


The GTA in Space Is Real

Star Wars Outlaws takes you to the Galaxy’s criminal underground, and you find yourself in the role of smuggler Kay Vess – one of the most wanted criminals. This fact literally calls for GTA’s “wanted system,” and it will definitely come. The Galactic Empire is attempting to arrest you based on your actions. Minor offenses attract fewer troops, while significant crimes trigger a large-scale pursuit. Interestingly, the Empire does not always obey the law also, leading to unique situations.

We see Key Vess in the third-person in Star Wars Outlaws. She is being searched for. The word Wanted is shown in red.
The wanted system in Star Wars Outlaws (Source: Ubisoft)


Criminal Syndicates and the Reputation System in Star Wars Outlaws

Another critical feature of Outlaws is the reputation system. Here you can look forward to criminal syndicates from existing lore, but also newly created for the game. Your reputation rises or falls with each syndicate depending on how well you perform jobs for them.

For example, if the Pykes want you to steal something from the Hutts, depending on how well or poorly you do, this can increase your standing with them but reduce your relationship with the Hutts. Ideally, you don’t get caught during the mission and just collect a higher reputation.


Fear the Consequences

Based on your reputation, you’ll receive better job opportunities from various syndicates, gain access to specific areas, and enjoy more favorable prices from traders. Conversely, having a bad reputation with the syndicates will do the opposite, possibly resulting in bounties on your head or direct assaults on your life by hired killers. This whole system aims to constantly deliver a unique game experience and progression, increasing the replay value.


The Underworld Thrives in Star Wars Outlaws

The developers explained why the game is set between Episodes 5 and 6. It offers a rare time frame where the Empire’s grip isn’t absolute, allowing the underworld to thrive. The perfect opportunity for you to make some serious loot! You can interact with both the Empire and the Rebels, taking on various missions in the desperate struggle for dominance.

Kay Vess sits at a crime syndicate table. Learn more about the Star Wars Outlaws reputation system.
Star Wars Outlaws screenshot (Source: Ubisoft)


SWO Stays Faithful to the Original With Attention to Detail

Ubisoft wants to immerse you as much as possible. For this, they focused especially on the authentic implementation of the game world. The team emphasized that all areas on the planets are handcrafted and not procedurally generated, ensuring authenticity and attention to detail.

To achieve this, the team collaborated closely with Lucasfilm. Familiar planets like Kijimi and Tatooine were meticulously created based on original props, concepts, and storyboards from their archives. The devs have recreated many famous planets with exciting areas, which they rightfully call “points of interest.”


The Planet Toshara and Its Vibrant City Murugana

Toshara, the new planet, was also discussed. To create it, the team drew inspiration from the African savannah, blending organic and artificial elements. Toshara’s centerpiece is the vibrant city of Murugana, embedded under a massive rock formation. The constant wind and storms influenced the flora, fauna, architecture, and people’s culture, giving it a unique Star Wars feel. This may also explain the eye-catching red crystals in the rock walls, exposed by the permanent storms on the planet. See them in the video above.

Here we see unique dinosaur-like creatures living on the new planet Toshara. The world is like the Sahara desert.
The planet Toshara in Star Wars Outlaws (Source: Ubisoft)


The excitement is rising around Star Wars Outlaws. Undoubtedly, the devs want to deliver a unique and authentic experience and show the universe like never before. We hope the game lives up to its potential… May the release date soon be with you – somewhen next year in 2024. We’ll keep you updated.


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Are you looking forward to Star Wars Outlaws? What do you think of the reputation and wanted system? Leave a comment below.

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