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Baldur’s Gate 3 – 12 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Can BG3 ever be surpassed in terms of scope? The RPG throws a ton of new content into the magical D&D ring with 1.0.

The most in-depth recreation of Dungeons and Dragons in video games will finally open its gates as version 1.0 on September 6 for PS5. The release date for PC gamers will be earlier, on August 3rd. If you are keen to step into the full release of BG3, here are 12 major things you need to know about Baldur’s Gate 3.


Entering the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 means diving into an ocean of roles, classes, skills, and countless possible combinations. And until the release date, Larian Studios will still turn a few screws. What new gameplay will you encounter? Let’s find out.


12 Major things about Baldur’s Gate 3 you want to know

The RPG giant offers an almost limitless variety of classes, races, and gameplay options and differs significantly from Early Access in many respects. Here are 12 crucial things that await you in version 1.0.


12. The World

The immersion and depth scale of Baldur’s Gate 3’s world is jaw-dropping with all its creatures, diverse locations, and interactive features like the newspaper articles that constantly change depending on your decisions, taking in-game news to a new level. The meticulous attention to detail in every area is impressive. Even during the Early Access phase, places like the Goblin Village or the Sunlit Wetlands already blew us away, and we are convinced that the full version will offer even more fantastic and awe-inspiring locations. Brace yourself for the surprises that await you in unexplored territories after the upcoming full release.

Many locations and cities have been expanded in Baldur's Gate 3, like this oriental city that awaits you on the release date.
The world of Baldur’s Gate 3 (Source: Larian Studios)


11. Origin vs. Custom Characters

Baldur’s Gate 3 has two main character options: You can choose between a custom character created by yourself and a so-called Origin character pre-made by Larian Studios. Each option has its pros and cons, and they impact the main storyline. Origins offer unique backstories and personalities, represent a specific class, and play a unique role in the game’s story. They are too highly recommended, especially if you are new to the franchise, to experience a seamless journey into the immersive world of BG3. Custom characters allow you complete creative freedom to design your builds from scratch. You can choose race, class, abilities, and background story and shape your classes according to your preferences.


10. Races Are Your Most Critical Choice

Choosing your right race is probably the most crucial decision in the game. The full version will contain a proud number of 11 races and 31 sub-races, including the new “Half-Orc.” The desired race influences dialogue options, interactions with other characters, and item effectiveness based on the race selected. Take your time and choose carefully because your initial choice cannot be changed later in the game.


9. 12 Classes & 45 Subclasses

Baldur’s Gate 3 has extensive customization options, with 12 classes available, ranging from Barbarian and Rogue to Wizard, Bard, Fighter, and Ranger. Once you’ve chosen your class, you can dive into an ocean of possibilities as each of the 12 classes has diverse subclasses that allow you to specialize your character even further. A total of 46 subclasses ignite a firework of gameplay variety! Remember, though, that certain classes are more suitable for certain races than others. For example, the Cleric is best suited for Humans and Elves.


8. The Dragonborn Race in Baldur’s Gate 3

This new race has garnered immense excitement and anticipation in Baldur’s Gate 3. The level of detail and effort put into making them look fabulous is commendable, making them stand out in the game. Adding a new playable origin character, the Dark Urge, also a Dragonborn, adds to the intrigue of playing as this race. The customization options for Dragonborn characters are incredible, allowing players to fine-tune their appearance with colors and features. And the class comes with a considerable number of 10 subclasses. We are eagerly looking forward to experiencing the world through the eyes of these unique and demonic characters.

Here we see the Dragonborn as one of the new races in Baldur's Gate 3. The red dragon-like creature is shown in a close-up.
The new Dragonborn race in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Source: Larian Studios)


7. Respec Your Build

While you can’t change your initial race later in the game, you can change your class. For example, if you’ve chosen a Fighter with a specific subclass and want to experiment with another subclass, you can still do that during the game. There is an NPC called Withers in act one, which, once you gain him, allows you to respec your class for 100 gold in your camp. The NPC cannot be killed, so don’t worry; you will still have access to him.


6. Respec Your Buildmulticlassing in BG3

Dungeons and Dragons thrives on multiclassing, so it’s an important feature you can use in Baldur’s Gate 3 as well to create unique combinations like a “Wild Magic Sorcerer/Oathbreaker Paladin” or a “Berserker Barbarian/Evocation School Wizard.” But be careful: Multi-classing requires careful consideration to avoid weakening the character. However, thanks to the respec option, you can experiment with it at different levels and make changes accordingly. Understanding the nuances of multi-classing to maximize your character’s potential is essential.


5. Choose Your Feats

Once you’ve reached a certain level in BG3, you can unlock Feats, which offer passive bonuses to your character. In the full version, you can play around with more than twice as many Feats as in the Early Access version. They provide various benefits, such as increasing strength scores or granting specific skill proficiencies.


4. Over 600 Spells

At the game’s launch, more than 200 spells were available, and Larian has confirmed that over 600 additional enchantments will be added throughout the game’s development. You can look forward to a vast addition of new exciting spells, like “Heroes’ Feast,” “Blade Barrier,” and “Hold Monster,” which will boost your tier list and will further enhance the game’s variety and intensity.

We see a female human character in the dark in a close-up, creating a red glowing orb with both hands and looking at it.
Use over 600 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 (Source: Larian Studios)


3. New Max Level Cap

Tired of a level cap of 5? Baldur’s Gate 3 initially planned for a level cap 10 but increased it even further up to 12 due to multi-classing and the desire to include high-level spells and actions. With a level cap of 12, you’ll be able to enjoy the different abilities of each class and go crazy mixing and combining them.


2. 17.000 Different Endings

BG 3 will give you a whopping 17K different endings. Chrystal Ding, one of the leading authors, stated the number when asked. Of course, the 17.000 endings are merely variations dependent on different decisions and actions, not entirely different endings. But now you get even more reasons to make several attempts.


1. Multiplayer Co-Op

If you enjoy having actual companions by your side, gather up to three friends and venture into the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 together in a thrilling 4-player co-op experience. You can join existing lobbies or create your own games and invite others. You can also dive into BG3 with random players.

When joining a multiplayer session, you can either take over existing characters or create your own from scratch. While multiplayer mode in Early Access is still somewhat buggy, improvements are expected in the future, and cross-play support for more platforms is planned.

Four different characters stand at a field ledge in the multiplayer coop in BG3 and look out into the vast fantasy world.
Play Baldur’s Gate 3 in co-op (Source: Larian Studios)


And that is our list. If you can’t wait, feel free to jump into Early Access now and grab a key for PC via Steam. You can also get the game at a massive discount via Kinguin (affiliate link).


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Customization options in Baldur’s Gate 3 are vast! Which unique character build did you create? Let us know in the comments below.

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