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Path of Exile 2: Rich Expansion Aims for a Release Date This Year

Diablo IV is facing a free competitor that could even steal its thunder in the summer.

The DLC has been in development for three years, and the gaming community is craving the continuation of the popular aRPG. While an exact Path of Exile 2 release date is still pending, Grinding Gear Games promises to reveal more official information soon. And we already know a date for that.


The delay of the PoE 2 release date caused big emotions among fans at ExileCon 2022. The community can’t stop asking, “When is Path of Exile 2 coming out”. Finally, we will get more details about it this summer.


A full reveal of Path of Exile 2

The uncertainty around the popular Hack and Slash game will soon end because Grinding Gear Games are determined to give us extensive details about PoE 2. The full reveal, probably including the Path of Exile 2 release date, will occur during this year’s ExileCon in Auckland, New Zealand. Fans will already be able to test out the expansion on-site. If you can’t be there, look forward to a live stream of the event.

Fans wait for the release date of PoE 2. The player is in a desert city with an open inventory from an isometric perspective.
Path of Exile 2 screenshot (Source: Grinding Gear Games)


What PoE 2 has in store for you

Path of Exile 2 can be understood as a vast expansion of the first installment, bringing a general overhaul of many core features and a new campaign storyline that includes seven acts to the ones from the existing game. The DLC brings major visual improvements with physically based rendering. Also, the skill gem mechanics have significantly been changed by removing gem sockets from equipment and using active skill gems. You can also look forward to a big overhaul of the passive skill tree and the 19 Path of Exile 2 classes.

The Path of Exile 2 platforms will include PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and macOS to complement the original game. For PC, you can get the aRPG for free via Steam. Are you new to the Path of Exile universe? Then get a quick overview of the game by watching the latest video trailer below and the showcase version with developer comments.


Path of Exile 2 trailer rotation


19 improved Path of Exile 2 classes

In PoE 2, you can play 19 Ascendant classes that you already know from Path of Exile. However, they have been extensively reworked and optimized, including the passive skill tree. Below is a quick overview of all 19 Path of Exile 2 classes and subclasses (Ascendancy class.) For more details on each class’s strengths and weaknesses, visit Pathofexile.fandom.com.



He is a master of deception and ambush, a deadly silent shadow who has come to inflict pain on anyone who stands in his way.


A very offensive subclass that focuses on critical strikes, and you can effectively develop it well.


This subclass specializes in laying mines and traps. Become a master of explosions and explosives.


Evolve Shadow into this hybrid class, which combines effective defense with high maneuverability and speed.



Use this class to be number one in dealing with the dark and elemental arts.


Choose this Ascendancy class to resurrect undead and use corpse-based skills.


She is the master of elemental powers. Boost elemental spells to face the bosses more powerfully.


This subclass is dedicated to using curses, chaos, and cold damage over time effects against enemies effectively.



He has a lot of strength and also dexterity, which is why this character is good at both inflicting and avoiding damage.


The Slayer is an ultimate boss fighter with many offensive skills, and he destroys his enemies with critical attack builds.


With this Ascendancy class, you get a good mix of protection, power, and speed while having effective bonuses like maximizing block effectiveness.


Act as a tank (for the group) and weaken enemies by impaling and taunting them while possessing exceptionally high defense and damage bonuses.



He possesses an old man’s wisdom and an agile warrior’s physical strength. As a Templar, you’ll play a skilled fighter who is very good with all sorts of weapons and shields made of steel.


This subclass can harness the elemental forces to use offensive and defensive bonuses effectively in battle.


You get an Ascendancy class with the Hierophant, which consists of unconventional defense options and damage sources. In doing so, you can use a large mana pool optimally.


With this subclass, focus on totems and fire damage, which you can upgrade in many ways.



She is the master in using ranged weapons and is highly skillful. But the Ranger can also be a deadly class in close combat.


Focus on effective bow builds, and use and modify various projectile skills.


As a raider, you are unsurpassed in dodging and speed while focusing on bonuses such as rush and frenzy charges.


This very flexible subclass supports attack and spell builds, especially any that use damage conversion.



This class is unavailable to new players because it has a relatively high learning curve. It has all three core attributes. Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence: this unique constellation allows you to develop them into almost any character build while only having one Ascendancy class.


This subclass contains the highest flexibility among the classes because you can also use passives of other Ascendary classes for the Ascendant.

The character fights against a powerful boss in the form of a giant beetle that fires turquoise projectiles radially in PoE 2.
Screenshot from Path of Exile 2 (Source: Grinding Gear Games)

Path of Exile 2 is fighting for #1 on our Wishlist

This title is an incredible gaming experience and has already provided countless entertaining hours. That’s precisely what makes waiting for PoE 2 so tricky. If you want to pass some time until then: in our Best Free RPG Games ranking, you can find more attractive free-to-play titles worth looking at.

In our Lost Ark Guide, you can find everything about Strongholds, Rapports, and more. If you want to get to know another Diablo-like game, feel free to check out Last Epoch, with its evenly exciting classes and builds.


Can’t wait to get started in PoE 2? Which Ascendary class will you play the new campaign in Path of Exile 2 with? We’re looking forward to your comment below.

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