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Last Epoch: All You Need About Classes, Builds & Multiplayer

The commander of hell sends his regards. This hack 'n' slash title attracts many players to its dark side.

Since the new update for the ARPG Last Epoch, the number of players on Steam has skyrocketed. Which classes and builds are most powerful in the Diablo rival, and what does the new multiplayer offer?


A single update turned an ordinary Early Access title into a true sensation. The Last Epoch – Convergence Patch 0.9 was released on March 9 and caused a mass rush of players. Over 40,000 players logged into the game simultaneously on Sunday.


Last Epoch calls itself a Diablo-like

The Game is a competitive hack ‘n’ slash action RPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games, which is currently in the Beta phase and available as Early Access on Steam. According to the developers, it is a Diablo-like game that is very similar in gameplay to Blizzard’s popular hack ‘n’ slash title. Central features are thus RPG typical characters, random loot, unique, magical, and extremely rare set equipment, and lucrative end-game content, such as boss runs, dungeon, and PvP.

However, innovations also find their ways into the game, such as seasons, a deep, original story, randomized dungeons, and up to 15 Last Epoch classes, with which hundreds of character combinations can be created. The patch brought a massive amount of new, exciting content. But one new outstanding feature made fans happy and is probably the reason for the game’s incredible popularity.

Here we see the player on a plateau fighting the undead. Builds of certain classes are very great in multiplayer combat.
Last Epoch screenshot (Source: Eleventh Hour Games)


Multiplayer expansion for Last Epoch

It is a feature that belongs to a Diablo-like title: multiplayer. Until now, fans could only play the campaign and the end-game solo. But now the multiplayer mode allows you to play the campaign online with up to three friends, fight hordes of monsters and go through lucrative runs. All the in-game content, including the arena and dungeons, has been upgraded to make group play an especially significant event.

In multiplayer, players can only see and pick up their own loot. However, if you are in the same zone as a player, you can give the item as a gift to your friends.

Along with the new online Co-op comes a lot of new game content, such as new maps, items, armor, enemies, animations, and music, which make the previous gameplay even more exciting and varied. You can find a detailed breakdown in the patch notes via the Last Epoch Forums if you want to know exactly what changed. Otherwise, grab a coffee, sit back, and watch the fresh Last Epoch – Convergence Patch 0.9 trailer.


Current Last Epoch Classes

As in Diablo IV, classes play an essential role in Last Epoch, but the character’s evolution differs from most RPGs. You start with a base class, which you can then use to develop and specialize into three possible mastery classes. There are five base classes in total:



She is a rebellious scion who defied his teachers to discover the art of forbidden magic and become even more powerful.



The Mage is an elder in his prime. He possesses extraordinary arcane magic power, which he uses to protect the world and make up for old mistakes.



He has witnessed many cruel wars in the north firsthand. Now he is searching for the connection with the power of the Earth, called Eterra.



She is unsurpassed with her blade and bow. The rogue is ready to step out of her shadow to serve a higher purpose with murderous skills.



The Sentinel is a fearsome and honorable guardian determined to stop bestial injustice.


Mastery Classes

You must spend the appropriate passive points to level up to a Mastery Class. For each level, you get one point, starting with 3. Also, certain completed quests grant additional passive points. Below we have listed all 15 master classes.


The overview shows the five basic classes in the middle and around them, the 15 possible specializations.
Screenshot from Last Epoch (Source: Eleventh Hour Games)


Acolyte Master Classes


Risk your health, but gain the powerful magic of death and blood.


Resurrect the Undead that for you. As the ruler of the realm of the dead, the Necromancer acts in the background and sends resurrected slaves into battle.

Warlock (Upcoming)

The forbidden arts are the Warlock’s specialty. Eliminate your enemies and corrupt their souls with merciless hexes and curses.


Mage Master Classes

Runemaster (Upcoming)

You are skilled in the art of runes. Create powerful offensive barriers with magic to stop unwanted intruders.


A master of arcane sorcery. You possess tremendous power to bring down enemies from a distance.


This masterclass mixes spellcasting with combat ability. Thus, the Spellblade is also a good melee fighter.


Primalist Master Classes


You’ll control the power of the animals and lead them into battle, using their power and strength.


The Druid uses the earth’s power and unleashes nature’s fury by transforming into wild creatures.


Be the force of nature and bring down your enemies with sacred totems, lightning, and tornadoes.

The player is currently performing a radial turquoise spell attack in Last Epoch. There are 15 classes in this game.
Screenshot from Last Epoch (Source: Eleventh Hour Games)


Rogue Master Classes


Be one with the shadow. You rushed through the ranks of the enemies from one moment to the next, and your movements left deadly traces.

Falconer (Upcoming)

As an excellent tactician, you’ll enlist the help of a fearsome bird of prey and set tricky traps.


The bow is your specialty. You attack enemies from afar, keeping them at a distance.


Sentinel Master Classes

Forge Guard

A true titan of steel and strength. You rule the battlefield with your great armor, weapons, and molten metal.


The Paladin is the guardian of law and a warrior who heals and strengthens his allies. You can inflict significant damage with holy fire.

Void Knight

This guardian has absorbed a part of the Void to disturb his enemies finally. A great power, but one that also endangers your own life.


Three awesome Last Epoch Builds

To be the most feared and effective in the game, it can’t hurt to look at some of the most successful character build-ups. These unique combinations are based on class, skills, passives, crafting shards, and equipment. Below, we’d like to introduce you to three highly recommended Last Epoch builds. Big thanks to Tenkiei for putting these together.


Build #1: Lightning Blast Static Orb Sorcerer

Not the fastest, but a very effective Sorcerer build. It grants you massive cover and absolute AoE (Area of Effect) nukes that you can use to take out enemies galore. The only problem is the high cost of Mana, but you can make up for that by spamming a Lightning Blast after the Static Orb. With this character, you’ll have to focus more on your defense. Overall, a very comfortable build and a beginner-friendly playstyle.


Build #2: Synchronize Strike Shadow Cascade Rogue

The cool thing about this build is that Smoke Weaver allows you to shift on an extremely short cooldown, which gives you a very fast playstyle and is excellent for farming. Synchronize Strike adds a lot of single-target damage, and you can displace very well to avoid your opponent even better. With the help of your Shadow Cascade, you restore Mana, so you can compensate well for your Sync Strikes that consume a lot of it. As a Rogue, we have great defensive options, including Glancing Blow or Silver Shroud, which allows you to block the damage of a hit completely. The only downside to this build is that it will only become effective once you get at least one Smoke Weaver.


Build #3: Hammer Throw Smite Paladin “Hammerdin”

This build is speedy with Shield Rush and extremely tanky, dealing significant damage. The Paladin allows you to recover well in battle and move around carefree. Unfortunately, having the Smite Relics is necessary for the Hammer Throw Smite Paladin. Nevertheless, you can always level up as a normal Hammer Throw without any problem. Relic Farming has not become more difficult since patch 0.9. If you want to experiment and spice things up, you can play the build on a Void Knight. With this variant, you get significantly more damage but have substantially less healing and are less tanky. Alternatively, you can take Javelin instead of Hammer Throw, which allows higher single-target DPS (Damage per Second) but has less clear.


More action role-playing games to be discovered and celebrated

Last Epoch is an excellent alternative to the upcoming Diablo IV. But the gates of other action RPGs are already open: find out which titles you shouldn’t miss with our selection of the Best Free RPG Games.

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Are you new to Lost Epoch? Which class do you like the most? Which build would you go with? Let us know in the comments below.

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