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18 Things About Atlas Fallen You Need to Know

Deck13 leaves the sci-fi universe with its new game and delivers a massive fantasy adventure that couldn't be sandier. In which aspects does the newcomer differ? Find out.

Final Fantasy 16: Unleash the Eikon Beasts Already in the Demo

Square Enix strikes back. This month, you'll embark on a dangerous quest for revenge as Clive Rosfield. The new title introduces new mechanics to the popular franchise.

Starfield Takes off With Extensive Jaw-Dropping Gameplay Insights

Bethesda is known for storytelling, skill systems, and great design. As a brand new gameplay showcase proves, the upcoming new sci-fi title benefits from these strengths.

Payday 3: New Trailer, Release Date & Crossplay Details (Update)

The popular heist simulation is entering its third round very soon. A freshly released announcement teaser gives a short concise insight into the new installment, and we also get clues about the release.

Diablo 4 News Update: Class Trailers, New Beta & Endgame

Blizzard invites you to test its hack 'n' slash game one last time before release and reveals dozens of new details about it including endgame content.

Armored Core 6 – Exciting News About Release Date & Gameplay

Fans of the Mech series eagerly await the release of the sixth installment by FromSoftware. The rumor mill is bubbling because a publication date seemingly has been set.

Vampire Survivors Evolution Improves With New Powerful DLC

Poncle has given their bullet hell game a new DLC, which makes even more weapon combinations possible. Everything you need to know about the vampire Steam hit.

Remnant 2 Promises to Be the Dream of Every RPG Fan

The revelations around the new third-person survival shooter from Gunfire Games continue. This time, the developers introduce the new Handler archetype. Find out what makes the successor so special.

Path of Exile 2: Rich Expansion Aims for a Release Date This Year

Grinding Gear Games has set its sights on the summer for an extensive presentation of the major DLC for Path of Exile. This time it should work out, and we can look forward to a probable launch in 2023.

Atlas Fallen Release Date Shifted: Is the Gameplay Worth It?

Deck13's new ARPG prepares its fan community for the upcoming release and presents exciting in-game scenes that speak for the title's potential. Unfortunately, the date has now been postponed.

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