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Diablo 4 News Update: Class Trailers, New Beta & Endgame

Blizzard invites you to test its hack 'n' slash game one last time before release and reveals dozens of new details about it including endgame content.

Path of Exile 2: Rich Expansion Aims for a Release Date This Year

Grinding Gear Games has set its sights on the summer for an extensive presentation of the major DLC for Path of Exile. This time it should work out, and we can look forward to a probable launch in 2023.

Spider Man 2 for PS5 Is Making Headlines Right Now

An unexpected release announcement about the new Marvel title from Insomniac Games and Sony is causing quite a stir right now. But how legit is the leak about the PlayStation 5 game?

Last Epoch: All You Need About Classes, Builds & Multiplayer

The title from Eleventh Hour Games proves that ARPGs are still hot right now. Since patch 0.9, the number of players has exploded and the question of the optimal character constellation is all the more fun.

League of Legends Universe Expands: The Mageseeker

The fact that roguelikes are in vogue right now is proven not least by Riot Games with its new spin-off title set in the world of League of Legends.

Bloody Spell Is a Hack ‘N’ Slash Soulslike With Bikinis & Thongs

If you love games like Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta, you might enjoy this action RPG, which is currently very discounted on Steam. The title also comes with numerous mods.

Diablo 4: The World of Sanctuary in All Its Beauty

In a new extensive video, Blizzard introduces the large versatile realm of its new Diablo installment and already announces further revelations.

Dead Island 2: New Trailer, Release Date & Gameplay (Update #2)

In spring 2023, we can look forward to one of the bloodiest zombie shooters. The splatter adventure developed by Deep Silver has now revealed another character. We introduce you to the game and its gameplay.

Lost Ark Guide: Stronghold, Rapport, Island & Leveling Tips

Enter the huge open world of one of the best free MMORPGs in 2022. A title that won't let you go as an RPG enthusiast due to its depth and coherence. In this article, you'll get an overview and helpful details about the isles, the fortress feature, and more.

Possible Diablo 4 Release Date & Which Classes to Play in IV (Update #2)

Is the latest title of Blizzard's hack and slash RPG coming out as early as spring 2023? The developer is expected to reveal official information about the new Diablo game before the end of the year.

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