Minecraft Kuda shaders on our server network

How To Post A Ban Appeal And Rules For Minecraft

Please Read And Understand The Following Before Posting.

Getting banned can be very upsetting, especially if you think you were banned wrongly.
You can be absolutely sure that we only ban when we are 100% sure that you were breaking our rules.

Our Rules:

  1. Hacks, Cheats or Mods that give you an unfair advantage over other players will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Only Mods like Optifine or Mods which are purely aesthetic (e.g. shaders) are allowed. If you are not sure which mods are allowed, feel free to ask us!
  3. Macros or third-party programs that give you an unfair advantage over other players, such as SpeedAutoClicker, will result in a permanent ban.
  4. Respect other players, regardless if admin or not.
  5. Please do not spam or advertise.
  6. Swearing (to some extent) is allowed.
  7. Exploiting bugs is not allowed. Please report any bugs to staff.

However, if you are sure that you haven’t broken any of our rules then please post below as a comment with the following information:

  1. IGN (Ingame name)
  2. Ban Reason
  3. Ban Duration (If it’s not permanent)
  4. Why you think you should be unbanned
  5. Any evidence to support your ban appeal