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Stranger Things Game VR: Play as Vecna in This Adventure

Come to the dark side - we have cookies. In this Stranger Things video game you can fight for evil against all odds.

Fans of the popular series can look forward to a new Stranger Things game next year. The upcoming title will be a virtual reality game of a very special kind.

The fourth season of Stranger Things just came to a spectacular end this summer. While fans are eagerly looking for the fifth season, a new game for the popular TV show is already in development.

The new Stranger Things game will be a VR experience dedicated to the story from season 4. However, this time the player takes on the role of the antagonist Vecna.

As Vecna you have to invade the dreams of the main characters of the series. In this screenshot from the game, we see Eflie as one of the main characters from the TV series. She is shown in a long shot in the center of the image, looking at us with her mouth wide open. She has short-cropped black hair and wears a blue blood-smeared patient shirt that goes down to her lower legs. Blood is also leaking from her eyes. She holds both hands in our direction and performs a power spell so that radial black streaks shoot in our direction, almost completely enveloping the frame around her. The room she is standing in is almost completely covered by black shapes. The Stranger Things game will be a VR experience and will be released in 2023.
Screenshot from Stranger Things VR (Source: Tender Claws/Netflix)


The new Stranger Things game meets VR

Attention, spoiler alert!

In Stranger Things VR, developed by Tender Claws, you’ll take on the role of the antagonist and try to penetrate the dreams and memories of the main characters. In the process, you’ll learn more about his backstory and once again have the opportunity to get revenge on Eleven and Hawkins National Lab. According to a press release, players will also get to know more about “Creel’s transformation into Vecna”. They can enter the dream worlds of the main characters as villain and “harness telekinetic powers to battle humans and creatures alike […]”.

Here you can watch the first official teaser for the game:


The “psychological horror/action” game is a cooperation between the writers of the series and Netflix. According to Sunday’s announcement, the release of “Stranger Things VR” is scheduled for winter 2023 on all “major VR platforms”. An exact release date remains unclear.

Here we see a screenshot from the fourth season of Stranger Things, which shows the antagonist Vecna in a close-up in the center of the frame. He is in his blood-red parallel world and appears just as blood-red himself. His face is covered with numerous scars and burns and his face resembles a skull without a nose. With a grim gaze, he looks at us as viewers.
Vecna in Stranger Things (Source: Netflix)


In search of more scary things

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What do you find particularly creepy about Vecna? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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