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Indie Horror Games: Scary Survival Horror Titles to Terrify You

Many things can scare us. Is it creepy grimaces, horrible creatures, or much more the invisible, paranormal, which drives you crazy? We got you covered.

Halloween is knocking at the door. Do you have the courage to face the really nasty titles and survival horror games? To make sure you’re prepared for the 31st of October, we’ve picked out five indie horror games that will teach you to fear.

Face the self-experiment and find out what really frightens you. The time has come, after all, and Halloween is approaching. We hope our list will be useful for you.


5. Phasmophobia

In this game, you’ll go on a ghost hunt alone or in a team with up to four players. Together you’ll create a lobby, assemble your equipment, and start your investigation. You have to track down and identify many different ghosts at different locations with the appropriate equipment. But it is not that easy! You may not stay too long at one location. Otherwise, your mind will be in danger and haunted by ghosts. All the doors are going to be locked, and you’re trapped. Of course, the ghost is after you now, and he is striving for death.

Here we see a screenshot from the game Phasmophobia, where the player is standing in a dark room with a paranormal activity meter. One of the particularly good indie horror games.
Phasmophobia (Source: Kinetic Games)

The game is available on PC, and you can purchase it on Steam via this link.


4. Slender: The Arrival

This title embodies the Boogey-Man nightmare in its purest form! The sequel to the previously released short horror experience Slender: The Eight Pages takes the basic principles of its predecessor and combines them with higher audiovisual quality and immersion. Also, you’ll have to collect various objects while trying not to fall into Slenderman’s clutches. Indie horror games like Slender: The Arrival are especially convincing for their extremely creepy atmosphere, which makes you feel paranoid.

Indie horror games like Slender: The Arrival is particularly terrifying, as illustrated in this screenshot: you're standing in a forest, and in the distance, you see the Slenderman as a black, tall, silhouette.
Slender: The Arrival (Source: Blue Isle Studios)

The title is available on PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Android, iOS, and PC, and you can get it on Steam via this link.


3. The Forest

This survival horror is a mix between Ark and Minecraft. You have to survive on an island alone or with friends and set up a camp. Collect, hunt, or become the hunted: Because on this island live cannibals who want to find and kill you! Some of them follow you at a certain distance, find out where your base is, and wait for the right moment. Others attack you directly, and some even run away when you chase them. Survival horror games like The Forest are especially convincing because of their excellent AI and immersive experience.

In this survival horror game, you have to survive in a forest and fight against cannibals, as illustrated in this screenshot. The Forest is one of the most recommended indie horror games.
The Forest (Source: Endnight Games Ltd)

The game is available on PS4, PS5, and PC, and you can get it on Steam via this link.


2. DayZ

Another highly recommended survival horror is DayZ. After a zombie apocalypse, you’ll have to explore the areas in a huge open world and try to survive. Find weapons, food, and medicine, while you have to avoid zombies that are stalking you. The interaction with other players is especially exciting. How will you behave towards them and vice versa? Trust plays a significant role. In this survival horror shooter, it can never go wrong to team up with several players to possibly fight off enemy forces to avoid being killed or robbed. But it can also easily drift in the other direction too.

On this screenshot the player is fighting against a zombie. Try to fight for your life in one of the most popular survival horror games.
DayZ (Source: Bohemia Interactive Studio)

This game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC and can be purchased on Steam via this link.


1. Layers of Fear

Curtain up for a very special horror experience. In Layer of Fear, you can’t rely on anything, not even your own mind! You’ll dive into the story of an artist who lives in a mansion and wants to finish his painting, returning to his empty mansion. There you must follow various clues and solve puzzles, but the place is hopelessly cursed: Paintings transform when you look at them, or doors disappear that you just passed through. Indie horror games like Layers of Fear unleash your deepest fears precisely because you lose your sense of security and orientation and are thus thrown off your psychological balance. A masterpiece of horror.

In Layers of Fear, paintings and doors are not what they seem, as illustrated in this image.
Layers of Fear (Source: Bloober Team)

This game is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Linux, iOS, and PC, and you can get it on Steam via this link or immerse yourself even more with the VR edition on Steam.


In case you want to discover more creepy worlds

We invite you to check out our list of multiplayer horror games. Or are you looking for something exclusive? Then we have something special for you: The P.T. video game, a singleplayer jewel that was a teaser for a canceled Silent Hill game. A title that frightened us to our bones. Play it if you dare.


Beyond Indie Horror Games

If you’ve changed your mind and creepy isn’t your thing after all, then feel free to check out our list of the best Survival Games on PS4 / PS5, the best free FPS games, or have a look at our lists of the best free RPG games, games like Dark Souls, or the best RTS games.

What are you most afraid of in horror games? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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