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Best Metroidvania Games: Five Intense Sidescrollers to Beat

Games like Metroid or Castlevania have already become a genre of their own, which has brought numerous popular titles into existence. Our Top 5 ranking reveals which of them are particularly well done and in your favor.

Best Fighting Games for PC: Find Your Next Finishing Move

The quality of a good punching title lies in its depth and complexity. It must offer the player endless fun through numerous movement combinations and the visual presentation must be right. This article reveals which games have paid special attention to this.

Best Roguelike Games for PC & Other Platforms to Beat

Games where you can't save and your death means a game restart are extremely popular among many players. Nowadays, there are many titles like this and it's hard to keep track of them. We would like to help you with a ranking of the best games in this genre.

PS5 Split Screen Games: Don’t Miss These 15 Titles

Playing an excellent game together on a shared screen has a very special appeal and is extremely entertaining. You sit, laugh, and scream together, sharing exciting and chaotic moments. And gold memories. Long live good old multiplayer on the couch!

Best PS5 Co-op Games: Our True Favorites on PlayStation 5

Go on your adventure, but it's best to take a few friends with you. Because it never hurts to have someone looking out for you, and together everything becomes even more lively and engaging. Find out which games are particularly good to play with others.

Best Open World Games on PC: These Five Titles Are a Must-Have

Vast stretches of land, huge cities combined with a compelling story, and many side missions. That's what games can offer nowadays, better and better. Get an overview and find out which games of this genre are especially trendy right now.

2-Player PS5 Games: 15 Multiplayer Hits on PlayStation 5

Jump from level to level together or shoot your way through these five selected local multiplayer games for Sony consoles. Grab your partner or friends and let's go.

PS5 Racing Games: Top 10 Best Racers on PlayStation 5 & Others

Are you looking for the best racing experience for yourself and need some inspiration? We are happy to provide you with a helpful overview with our top 10 list.

Indie Horror Games: Scary Survival Horror Titles to Terrify You

Celebrate Halloween month the right way and make your worst nightmares come true. If you are a fan of horror titles, then you should check out our list of the five best titles from the independent sector.

Free Horror Games: Multiplayer and Solo Jump Scares at Its Best

Without a contrast, one does not appreciate the beautiful life well enough. Especially with these free-to-play horror titles we've selected. Multiplayer, singleplayer, or Co-op mode - we've got you covered.

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