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Best PS4 & PS5 Games in 2023: Top 12 New & Upcoming Titles

Take a deep breath, because 2023 is gonna be hot in terms of awesome gameplay experiences.

A bunch of smashing releases are waiting for you this year, and you can be sure that every genre gets covered. Adventure RPGs, shooters, or open-worlds. If you are wondering what to play next on your PlayStation, we can help you with this ranking of the best PS4 & PS5 games in 2023.

Many high-profile titles are waiting in the wings. Technology in the gaming industry is making great strides. These are the best PS4 and PS5 games in 2023: Rub your eyeballs on these next-gen treats. Let’s go.


12. Atlas Fallen

One look at the Atlas Fallen trailer is enough to remind us of the Monster Hunter franchise immediately. You’ll fight against giant nasty beasts in the desert with large whips and hammers. Get ready for fierce fights and enjoy a movement that can’t be beaten for lightness and speed. This combination of brutal battles and fluid movement will definitely grab you. On August 10th, the time has come!

Our hero fights with a big whip against a giant nasty creature in Atlas Fallen, one of the best PS4 & PS5 games in 2023.
Atlas Fallen screenshot (Source: Deck13 Interactive/Focus Entertainment)


You can pre-order the game via the PlayStation Store.


11. Dead Space Remake

The Isaac Clarke nightmare starts all over again. But this time on a much scarier level, thanks to the latest Frostbite game engine, next-gen graphics, and crisp sound. Since January 27th 2023, you can explore the mining spaceship USG Ishimura again in the Dead Space Remake and enjoy the improved game mechanics, a revised storyline, and enhanced characters. Uncover the secrets aboard the ship as you watch out for the nasty ‘Necromorphs.’


Dead Space Remake is available via the PlayStation Store.


10. Lies of P

Would you like to take on the adventures of Pinocchio in a darker way? Then look forward to this title. In Lies of P, you will become a ruthless killing machine as a ‘Puppet Mechanoid.’ The single-player game puts you in a gritty Bloodborne-looking setting, offering you highly challenging gameplay with nasty boss fights and fast movement.

The Pinnochio-like hero in Lies of P walks across a dark ancient place. Prepare for one of the Best PS5 & PS4 Games in 2023.
Screenshot from Lies of P (Source: Round8 Studio/NEOWIZ)


The Souls-like game is scheduled for release in August this year. Keep an eye on it in the PlayStation Store.


9. Atomic Heart

Are you looking for a thrilling next-gen game in the style of Wolfenstein and Bioshock? Then get Atomic Heart for the PS5! The game is set in the fictional Soviet Union in the 1950s during the ongoing World War II. Technology has now advanced to developing robots, a world very similar to our reality in its actual goals. As a P-3 secret agent, you fight through various mutated creatures and determine what went wrong.


The title is available via the PlayStation Store.


8.  Forspoken

Fast, Faster, Forspoken! If you love the parkour mechanics in Assassins Creed, but they’re still not fast enough for you, it’s time for Forspoken! Here you’ll enjoy a thrilling action RPG at high speeds while using a variety of impressive elemental spells in combat. Discover the enormous open world ‘Athia’ with its many quests and secrets.


Get Forspoken for PS4 & PS5 in the PlayStation Store.


7.  Minecraft Legends

The popular universe returns in a new title with all its familiar characters and creatures. The Piglins have broken through the Nether Portals and are threatening to ravage the many peaceful villages in the overworld. Team up with friends in the multiplayer coop and defend the friendly villagers from the aggressors. The unique feature in the game is that skeletons and zombies can also fight by your side, which are usually hostile creatures in the original game.

Fight Piglins in the open-world game Minecraft: Legends. Here we see the player in the fight in the center of the picture.
Minecraft: Legends screenshot (Source: Blackbird Interactive/Mojang Studios/Xbox Game Studios)


Minecraft: Legends is available via the PlayStation Store for PS4/PS5.


6. Final Fantasy 16

In the new Final Fantasy 16, you’ll once again have to go into battle as Clive Rosfield and restore order in the realm of Valisthea. Not much is revealed about the title yet, but we know that you’ll go on a vendetta for some reason. The trailer already delivers brilliant images, and you can look forward to a new dark and exciting fantasy story.


Final Fantasy XVI can be pre-ordered in the PlayStation Store.


5. Spider-Man 2

Many fans are watching this title and can’t wait for it to finally come out. And yes, Sony recently confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released in the fall of 2023. According to the developers, the title will be even darker, and in the game, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will have to take on nasty Venom. You can also look forward to the return of many other familiar characters in Spider-Man 2.


Add the game to your wishlist in the PlayStation Store now.


4. Street Fighter VI

A revolutionary chapter of the Street Fighter saga is on the horizon, poised to astonish the world of video games with its distinctive art style and a new free-roaming adventure mode. This remarkable transformation could shape the series. Meticulously curated, an assortment of novel and familiar fighters will elevate the fans’ excitement as we eagerly anticipate immersing ourselves in the title’s breathtaking action. Mark your calendars for June 2nd, 2023, when Street Fighter 6 unveils exclusively for PS4/PS5, trying to claim the crown again in the beat ’em up genre.


You can already pre-order the game from the PlayStation Store.


3. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The latest installment in the legendary saga, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, is a spectacular continuation of its predecessor, Fallen Order, from 2019. Taking the already exceptional concept to new heights, the game has been expanded in almost every aspect. The storyline is even more ambitious and simultaneously more personal, providing players with a gripping experience. The worlds Cal explores in this game are filled with even more captivating content than ever, and the combat has been taken to the next level. New combat stances and perks are available to players making the battles an even more intense and thrilling experience.

We see the protagonist Cal in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor standing in an old courtyard behind a character with brown skin.
Screenshot from Star Wars: Jedi Survivor (Source: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts)


Grab a copy of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor on the PlayStation Store.


2. Hogwarts Legacy

This impressive title, of course, also belongs on our list of the best PS4 & PS5 games in 2023. The open-world action RPG about the famous school of wizards finally premiered on the PS5 in February of this year and was recently released for the PS4. Here, you can highly customize your character, attend wizard classes, and discover the vast fantasy universe by foot or using a magical broom while tackling various puzzles and enigmas. Are brooms less your thing? Then fly through the magical world with a hippogriff!


The title is available via the PlayStation Store. This link will take you to the PS5 version.


1. Baldur’s Gate 3

Embark on the next epic adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3, an absolute favorite among gamers and number one in our ranking of best PS4 & PS5 games in 2023. The game will celebrate its full release on the PS5 on August 31st. Baldur’s Gate 3 takes place 100 years after the events of part 2, where you have to save the continent of Faerûn from an invasion of the Mind Flayer. The title comes with a vast selection of races, classes, sub-classes, and unique companions, and the character modeling is just amazing. BG3 is an RPG strategy spectacle, as you have come to expect from the series. So better don’t miss the epic co-op experience!


Pre-Order Baldur’s Gate 3 now for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


You want moarrrrr?

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Which title in the list appeals to you the most? Did we forget an important one? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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