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Why Rust’s Gameplay Is Keeping You Hooked: Insights & Analysis

The survival FPS from 2018 still manages to dominate the minds of gamers. Facepunch Studios knows how to keep its community hooked. Why exactly do gamers keep coming back?

Hell Let Loose Update: Is the WW2 Game Truly DEAD & BURIED?

It is a game that excited dozens of gamers. But suddenly, the love for the World War 2 simulation was shattered. Find out the reason for this and what will happen to the game now.

Games Like Gothic: 10 Huge Titles to Play Before the Remake

It was quiet some time around the remake of iconic adventure RPG from THQ Nordic. Recently, the team surprised us with a fresh showcase video. Now it's time to sweeten your anticipation with comparable games.

Will The Crew Motorfest Take Down FH5? – 6 Things Give Rise to It

The new racing title from Ubisoft is on a direct collision course with FH5. But the game wants to be more than just a copy. Will it possibly pass Horizon 5?

Star Wars Outlaws Is Big but Authentic (Dev News)

Ubisoft''s new open world Star Wars title is taking shape. In a newly released dev deep dive, we got new insights about the iconic worlds we can travel to as Kay Vess and more.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Its History of Success + Outlook Part 4

Mario, Kirby and Joshy are cute, but we can't forget a great JRPG franchise as a Nintendo exclusive. The series from Monolith Soft has continued to develop successfully. About time to take a closer look at it.

Ubisoft Fires up the Blaster With Star Wars Outlaws + Gameplay

Get ready for a whole new Star Wars game experience. Discover the variety and scale of the game and learn all the important details thanks to extensive insights from Ubisoft.

Starfield Takes off With Extensive Jaw-Dropping Gameplay Insights

Bethesda is known for storytelling, skill systems, and great design. As a brand new gameplay showcase proves, the upcoming new sci-fi title benefits from these strengths.

Best PS4 & PS5 Games in 2023: Top 12 New & Upcoming Titles

Are you an explorer, fighter, team player, or wizard? It doesn't matter! Because in 2023, everyone gets their money's worth with absolutely fantastic games in every genre. Our list provides proof.

Dying Light 2 Update: After Killer ‘Gut Feeling’ Soon Follows DLC 2

How does Techlands' second installment continue in the year 2023? Get an overview of the popular zombie shooter's new content and prepare for exciting innovations this year.

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