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Dead Space Remake Access via EA Play and Close Release Date

The remake of the horror Sci-Fi survival shooter is about to be released, and Steam is making gamers a very exciting offer. You can read all about the renewed game and EA Play access in this article.

Gothic Remake: Gameplay, Release Date & New Game Details

One of the most successful action RPGs is getting a complete overhaul, and it's been in development for several years now already. In the meantime, a lot has happened, and new in-game material and information are becoming available. Find everything you need to know in this article.

P.T. Video Game: Download a Free Remake of the Horror Jewel for PC, Mac and Linux

It was one of the scariest gaming experiences we had at the time. The game teaser for an unfortunately cancelled Silent Hill game has been the buzz ever since. Playable via the PlayStation today only with many circumstances, there are some free options for non-console players.

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