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Spider Man 2 for PS5 Is Making Headlines Right Now

An unexpected release announcement about the new Marvel title from Insomniac Games and Sony is causing quite a stir right now. But how legit is the leak about the PlayStation 5 game?

Returnal Review – Is The New PC Sci-Fi Shooter Worth Your Time?

It's a game that will challenge you to the hardest but also rewards you. An innovative roguelike that has many strengths and few weaknesses. Our extensive review clears things up.

Sony Patent: Blockchain & NFTs for Playstation Games Possible

Will digital goods soon be traded on consoles? Recently, a patent has been making the rounds that makes such scenarios imaginable for the Xbox competitor.

Kratos Skin for Minecraft: Be the God of War in the Sandbox Game

Many skins have already been released for Mojang Studios' voxel-based sandbox game. But as of today, a very special hero skin from Norse mythology is causing quite a stir. Grab your axe and shout out your battle cry.

Horizon MMORPG: Is a New Co-op or Multiplayer Title Coming?

Since 2017, we have been on the hunt in the stunning action RPG series from Guerilla Games. But maybe we will soon no longer be hunting alone but in a large squad? The latest reliable rumors give a good reason for this assumption.

Microsoft Wants to Have a Genshin Impact on Their Xbox Platform

Microsoft and Sony want to build on the huge financial success of Chinese game developer miHoYo. China is increasingly meeting Western game development on an equal level.

PS5 Jailbreak Achieved: Modder Claims That the PlayStation 5 is Now Partially Open

It's that time again, the modding community has achieved another step to hack the current PlayStation 5. What makes some people cheer, gives others reason to worry. A controversial topic that causes a buzz on all sides.

Sony’s Tokyo Game Show Line-Up 2015

Tokyo Game Show 2015 And What's Upcoming.   Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has confirmed the games line up yesterday, they will be showcasing at Tokyo Game Show 2015. The...

Playstation Plus Games For August 2015

Your Free Playstation Plus Games For This Month Playstation has announced their fresh new line up for this month of August 2015, which also means...

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