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Sony Patent: Blockchain & NFTs for Playstation Games Possible

Spending a fortune on a skin that an eSports legend used on a weapon in a tournament? That might become a reality for Sony on PS5 or even PS6?

A recently surfaced patent is causing a stir. Apparently, Sony has changed its mind about NFT and blockchain technology. What is it all about?


It looks like PlayStation is looking for ways to incorporate blockchain technology into its console games. Yesterday, the site Gamesual sighted a patent from Sony dating back to 2021, but only recently found its way to the public. It reveals the company’s presumed interest in developing technologies and systems to transfer “the digital assets associated with video games from being fungible to being non-fungible” and to create and manage such digital assets. The patent identifies these assets as, for example, in-game characters and items.

Sony is apparently playing with the idea of including NFTs in PlayStation games. That's according to a discovered patent from the company. Here we can see an excerpt from it, which shows a sniper in black and white on the left. Above it is a description of this asset shown "Asset: Silenced Laser Rifle 625" and below it is the indication of who this rifle belongs to "By Snipe123". On the right side, information is displayed in the form of dates and times that give insight into the usage history of this rifle and how it is traded on the Internet.
Excerpt of Sony Patent (Source: Gamesual/Patentscope/Sony)


The patent states that humans inherently like to collect trophies or memorabilia, and thus there is a need for NFTs to mimic the rarity of physical assets. As an example, the patent cites baseball collectibles such as baseballs signed by legends like Babe Ruth.


Is Blockchain technology really coming for PlayStation games?

Many fans have put the PlayStation Star program on par with NFT’s even before its launch. The Star program gives gamers the ability to earn digital rewards in PlayStation games. Thus, trophies for titles can be acquired digitally. However, the difference with NFTs is that they cannot be sold or traded. Sony has clarified that this program is not blockchain technology. Now, however, this newly surfaced patent gives reason to believe that the corporation may have changed its mind after all and is interested in a Web3-based blockchain method. Earn money while playing games. This approach is also followed by a Blockchain company called Zilliqa, which will launch the Web 3.0-based Zilliqa Gaming Console.

On the PS5, digital trophies can be earned using the PlayStation Stars system. Here we see a cover with the "PlayStation Stars" logo vertically centered on the left half of the image against a blue background that looks like a galaxy with distant stars. On the right side of the image, a bright laser beam runs vertically through the image. It glows in shades of blue and magenta. Around the laser beam and the logo, again, float several primitive shapes in the form of rhombuses, circles, and triangles. These are the same shapes used for the buttons on the controllers.
PlayStation Stars (Source: Sony)


Enough with blockchain. I just want to play PlayStation 5

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What do you think of the blockchain idea that Sony seems to be pursuing? Let us know in the comments below.

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