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Kratos Skin for Minecraft: Be the God of War in the Sandbox Game

In Minecraft, there are no limits to your imagination. And you can be anything there - even the Viking Kratos from God of War, of course.

Do you want to stand out from the many Minecraft players and own a very special outfit? Teach your opponents to fear with a Kratos skin for Minecraft.

Endless skins have already been released for the popular sandbox game, and many more will be added. For many gamers, Minecraft is an opportunity to craft, discover, or simply relax in peace. But that’s over now. The axe-wielding Kratos will take care of that.

Fans of the game God of War now have the opportunity to slip into the role of the Viking hero with his typical red war paint and his distinctive beard.

In Minecraft, you can now put on the Kratos skin for Minecraft and take on the role of the hero from God of War Ragnarok. Here is a screenshot from the said game, in which we see the protagonist in a cave in the semi-close-up on the right side of the image. He's wearing his red and brown fur clothing and has a full brown beard. In his right hand he holds a glowing stick, in his left hand, he holds a knife. He looks out of the picture on the right and is illuminated by a fire with warm light. In the background the large cave entrance is depicted, leading out into the white snowy landscape. Some icicles protrude from the ceiling at the entrance and frozen puddles of water reflect the daylight coming from outside. In the cave entrance, we see the black silhouette of a man who seems to carry a killed animal over his shoulder. In the lower right corner, the game's logo is shown in light gray capital letters.
Screenshot of God of War Ragnarök (Source: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony)


With the Kratos skin for Minecraft, you’ll get the respect you deserve. No more cute and cuddly. Now it’s going to be warlike and rough! The Minecraft God of War skin is based on the brand new title God of War Ragnarök, which was released for PS4 and PS5 today. There are rumors about a PC version, but a concrete release date is not yet known. But with the Minecraft outfit, you can already set out into icy landscapes with a mouse and keyboard and pretend to swing your mighty axe.

Leave your built empire behind and start your journey into previously undiscovered territories. Even the Nether has to be seriously wary now. One particular version of the skin we like a lot can be found on planetminecraft.com, though. But there are actually more versions of it. You can also get an overview of available God of War skins for Minecraft, as well as many other outfits, on minecraftskins.com.

Run through the pixel world with the Kratos skin for Minecraft. In the screenshot, we can see the cover of the colorful sandbox game, where the two main characters are shown together with the familiar animals and monsters. We look down from the air to a mountain, which is located in the center of the image. On it, standing on the mountain top, are a female and a male character dressed in blue and green outfits and armed with a pickaxe and a sword. Between them stands a pig and a wolf. Below them, a green Kreeper, a green zombie, a brown spider, and a skeleton archer are currently walking out of a mountain entrance. To the right of the male character is a white sheep. The horizon in the background is very curved because this shot was taken with a fisheye lens. We see blue seas, numerous green hills with trees, and many high-peaked brown mountains in the distance gradually lost in the fog. Above is the blue sky with some square clouds.
Minecraft (Mojang Studios/Microsoft)


One skin is not enough, you want the real battle?

If the God of War skin for Minecraft is not enough for you and you are looking for real battles with axes and swords, you might find fitting titles in our rankings for Survival Games, best Open World games on PC, or impressive Games like Dark Souls.


What do you like most about the new God of War Ragnarök? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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