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Horizon MMORPG: Is a New Co-op or Multiplayer Title Coming?

After Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, we may soon be going into battle together in Multiplayer or Co-op against post-apocalyptic wild animals.

A new Horizon MMORPG may soon be in development for the popular action series. Will we soon get Horizon multiplayer or Co-op mode (again)?

According to the latest rumors from a South Korean news service, a new Horizon title seems to be in the works. Sony and NCSoft apparently have partnered up to work on a new online experience of the known series. The new game IP, which is internally called “Project H”, is said to be a Horizon multiplayer experience in MMO style.


Sony and NCsoft apparently joined forces for Horizon MMORPG

The source on MTN states that NCSoft and Sony have not yet started the development of the game. However, NCSoft is already on the lookout for qualified employees and is advertising for collaboration on “Project H.”

Here we can see a screenshot from Zero Dawn. In the picture, we see the female protagonist on the left of the image in the semi-close-up with a bow and arrow in front of a winter landscape during the day. She looks to the right of the picture with her bow stretched and has leathery clothing and red bundled long hair. A Horizon MMO is said to have been commissioned by Sony.
Screenshot of Horizon Zero Dawn (Source: Guerilla Games/Sony)


Just recently, suspicious job ads went online for PlayStation in Amsterdam, the hometown of Horizon developer Guerilla Games. A position for a senior producer and senior product manager are about a “well-known IP” and “production support for both internal and external stakeholders (…)”. According to an interview by Reuters, Sony spoke out about an expansion of their service towards cell phones and PCs as well as into live service games. These job postings from Sony thus also strengthen the assumption that the company is working together with NCSoft on a (mobile) Horizon MMORPG.

If you are new to the Horizon saga, feel free to check out a trailer of the recent part Horizon Forbidden West:


The developer studio NCSoft, which is also known for games like Guild Wars, Aion, Lineage, and Blade & Soul, did not give an official statement about the rumors until now. But now there is good reason to hope for a Horizon MMO.

Hunt robot animals in a post-apocalyptic world covered with plants, as seen here in the screenshot: In the foreground, three robotic predator-like creatures are shown in a blooming landscape during the day in a long shot. They look in our direction and a blue light shines from their mouths. On the right is a yellow-leafed tree and in the background we see wooden barracks towering in the mist, which are covered by plants and trees. In the background is the blue sky with numerous white clouds.
Screenshot of Horizon Zero Dawn (Source: Guerilla Games/Sony)


Already enter stunning worlds in multiplayer Co-op with your friends

We especially loved Horizon Zero Dawn back then, and multiplayer would be awesome. However, there are other cool games ready for you and your friends to be discovered. Feel free to check the Best Open World Games, some awesome Survival Games, or PS5 multiplayer games.


What would you be looking forward to in a Horizon MMO? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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