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Microsoft Wants to Have a Genshin Impact on Their Xbox Platform

Western and Eastern game development is increasingly going head-to-head. After the great success of the Chinese Genshin Impact, Microsoft and Sony are searching for similar opportunities.

The billion-dollar success of miHoYo’s Genshin Impact seems to inspire Microsoft and Sony. The companies may now align their game development efforts more closely with developer studios from the East for similar titles.

Shanghai-based Studio miHoYo appears to have made billions of dollars in revenue with the action RPG Genshin Impact, clearly raising the standard for cross-platform multiplayer titles. Microsoft and Sony are now looking for similar games for their future line-up that would equal the track record of Genshin Impact.

The fact that the western world is increasingly interested in eastern games also reflects the development process of the Chinese games industry. According to Reuters, Daniel Ahmad, the senior analyst at market researcher Niko Partners, says that Western AAA games are increasingly meeting Chinese titles on the same level. But Chinese game developers are investing in very large teams to create advanced production processes and standardize development tools. This increasingly allows them to reach broad audiences and have a competitive advantage, both in terms of platforms and geography, Ahmad said.

Is Genshin Impact playable on Xbox? Whether the Chinese RPG will come to Microsoft's console, remains a hope. Here we see Layla, one of the new characters in the popular game from miHoYo.
Layla in Genshin Impact (Source: HoYoverse)


According to two industry sources mentioned by Reuters, Microsoft has now assembled a team and tasked it with finding suitable game titles. The Xbox manufacturer, which has filled its game lineup with more focus on big brand titles, is now trying to bring in more independent studios and offering them high amounts of money to develop a similar title like Genshin Impact for the Xbox ecosystem.


Many people are asking: Is Genshin Impact on Xbox?

So the short answer at this point is unfortunately no. But Reuters was informed that Microsoft expressed its regret in not having Genshin Impact in their game lineup. They had not come to an agreement with miHoYo before the game’s release, while Sony managed to close the deal for their PlayStation.

Just on mobile alone, the RPG game Genshin Impact grossed $3.7 billion, of which China alone ranked #1 with 33% of the worldwide revenue.

We can see the two consoles from Microsoft “Xbox X” and “Xbox S” against a green background in this picture. Will Genshin Impact appear on Xbox?
Xbox X | S (Source: Microsoft)


The Genshin Impact platforms

You can play Genshin Impact on the following platforms (cross-play is possible):

  • PC
  • iOS
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Android


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Did you play Genshin Impact and what do you like most about it? Feel free to share your adventures in the comments below.

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