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Star Wars Outlaws Is Big but Authentic (Dev News)

Ubisoft''s new open world Star Wars title is taking shape. In a newly released dev deep dive, we got new insights about the iconic worlds we can travel to as Kay Vess and more.

Best Assassin’s Creed Game: Which AC Is the Ultimate Title?

AC Unity, Valhalla, or rather one of the older installments? Especially newcomers can be overwhelmed by the large selection. These top candidates give you a good orientation.

New Deus Ex Game Apparently in Works at Eidos Montréal

Do you prefer to shoot without end or not waste a single bullet if you don't have to? In Eidos' successful action RPG you have the choice, and a new part is supposedly in the works.

(New) Metal Gear Solid: Remake Seems Possible

Recent hints might confirm the suspicion that developer "Virtuos" is working on a remake of the well-known stealth action game starring Solid Snake. Everything centers around a book.

Best Stealth Games: A Top 5 About Staying Sneaky

Games from the stealth genre are rarely boring, have a lot of suspense potential and freedom in gameplay. In this article, you'll learn which stealth titles are particularly recommendable and which footsteps the genre is following.

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