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(New) Metal Gear Solid: Remake Seems Possible

In the future, Virtuos staff might pay closer attention to where they do their interviews.

The jungle is calling (maybe soon again). According to recent rumors, a remake of Konami’s popular game title Meta Gear Solid might be in the works.

Rumors are growing that the international development studio Virtuos is already developing a remaster of the Metal Gear Solid game. Since this weekend, this assumption has been strongly reinforced after suspicious “hints” could be taken from a presentation of the studio team. Just recently, the company caused a stir by licensing well-known game titles, such as several major Silent Hill games, to multiple game studios.


With this video, the company wants to acquire potential new employees. At one point in the video, concept artist Louis Alex Boismenu makes some suspicious comments and we see a book with the inscription “The Art of Meta Gear Solid”. It’s a strange detail, rather uncommon in videos like this, and now it stands out even more.

In this screenshot, we see the main character of Metal Gear Solid in the second part of the series from a strong bottom view and in the semi-close-up. He is shown centrally in the image as he stands in an industrial area. It's nighttime and raining heavily. His gaze falls forward. In the background, a factory building with illuminated windows and two huge chimneys rises into the dark sky.
New Metal Gear 2 Substance (Source: Bluepoint Games/Konami)


Together with other clues, this shown book provides another indication that the developer is actually working on a new Metal Gear Solid project.

Another hint of this came from the rumors that already surfaced last year in 2021 from VGC. According to this, Virtuos received the order to develop a new edition of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. This previously unconfirmed statement paired with the above-mentioned video makes fans believe more and more in a new game of the series.

We see a screenshot from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. This part of the series from Konami will probably get a remake. Here we see the main character in third-person view in the half-total on the right in a jungle during the day behind a large tree trunk. The protagonist wears his familiar green camouflage uniform, and a green headband and holds a pistol in both hands. His gaze is lowered and directed to the left. More mighty trees are shown in the left background and an enemy soldier in similar clothing is just patrolling to the left with a Kalashnikov in his hand. The scene is kept very greenish.
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Source: Konami)
According to the latest rumors, the development studio Virtuos has been commissioned by Konami to work on a remaster of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Here we see a screenshot from the game back then, which sends the main character into the jungle. We catch sight of the protagonist in an olive-green uniform in the third person in total view, standing and hiding behind a tree stump on the right side of the image. His gaze falls on a patrolling soldier in a similar uniform who is walking towards us. Many trees and tall grass is shown as well as a fallen tree trunk at the left edge of the image. In the upper left corner is a horizontal bar graph with the words "Snake" in light gray capital letters. In the upper right corner is a black and white graphic with "Splinter Olive Green" next to it in light gray capital letters. In the bottom right corner, another HUD graphic is displayed, which shows the selected silencer pistol on a black rectangle, along with the ammunition indicator and the number of magazines.
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Source: Konami)

Will there really be a remake or remaster? We hope so and are curious to see what other hints leak out to the public. Check back often to this article, which we will keep up to date for you.


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What do you think of the current rumor about a remake of the popular game title? Feel free to write us about it in the comments below.

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