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New Deus Ex Game Apparently in Works at Eidos Montréal

What does Deus Ex mean? Gamers are not only asking this question but also whether there will be a new part of the successful series. Now there is a clear reason for hope.

The sneakiness may continue soon. According to the latest information, a new Deus Ex game is already in the works at Eidos Montréal.

It looks like fans of the popular series might soon be able to enjoy a new Deus Ex game. The reason for this assumption was given yesterday by the renowned journalist at Bloomberg, Jason Schreier, in a Tweet.


According to Schreier, the new Deus Ex game is in a “very, very early” development at Eidos Montréal. Likewise, the development studio is said to be working on a new Xbox game of the “Fable” series in collaboration with Microsoft, and apparently also on a new IP.

Only in May, the Embracer Group had taken over well-known IPs such as “Deus Ex,” “Thief” and “Tomb Raider,” as well as the studios Eidos-Montréal, Crystal Dynamics, and Square Enix Montréal, with plans to close the latter. According to Schreier, however, the sister studio Eidos Montréal will catch some of the employees. The new Deux Ex game thus appears to be the first major IP to be worked on under the Embracer Group.

We see an in-game scene from the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, in which the protagonist hides behind a crate from an enemy. The agent in the profile is shown kneeling behind a green wooden crate in the bottom right of the image in a semi-close-up. He is again wearing a black protective suit, and black goggles and holds a silenced Assault Rifle in his hands as he waits for the right moment to attack. A bit further in the background on the left side of the image, an unsuspecting soldier with a black mask and a submachine gun is shown in a long shot, standing in a courtyard. To his left are metal crates of various colors. Behind him is a huge glass building complex in front of which a yellow-leafed tree rises. To the left in the background, you can see a large radar installation with a big antenna and behind it is the blue sky covered by many clouds. Play the new Deus Ex game from Eidos soon.
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Screenshot (Source: Square Enix/Eidos Montréal)


The studio Eidos Montréal released a very successful title with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The game is a stealth action RPG that is reminiscent of cyberpunk and hits the nerve of the times. A new part of the series would therefore be a very good and also contemporary investment. The famous game got its name in reference to the Latin expression Deus Ex Machina, and many gamers ask what it means.


Deus Ex Machina meaning

The expression comes from ancient theatrical tragedy. It translates as the appearance of a god with the effect of a dramaturgical twist. So Deus stands for god, and what does ex mean? The “ex” means “from outside” and thus describes an influence coming from external sources. Last but not least, we have Machina, which means machinery and refers the theatrical creation as a craft. According to the Roman poet Horace, therefore, gods only come into play when a conflict in the story being told cannot be resolved in any other way. As a last resort, so to say.

Sneak up on your opponents and kill them with impressive skills, as seen here in this screenshot: As the protagonist, we look into a black room in first-person perspective, where numerous cables run along the ceiling and partially hang down. The room is very elongated and leads strongly into the background of the image. On the left, many cables also run along the wall. On the right, a large grid can be seen, through which daylight falls into the room. In the middle of the room are several stacked metal boxes and there is a lot of garbage on the dark floor. In front of the protagonist, two enemy soldiers stand at some distance. The left soldier is male and wears a green uniform. On the right is a female soldier in a blue uniform. With our left glove, we form a fist so that two blue light beams shoot out and electrocute the female soldier. In our right hand, we hold up a silver pistol with a laser pointer, which can be seen in the motion blur on the right.
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Screenshot (Source: Square Enix/Eidos Montréal)


Brush up on your sneaks and have a little more patience

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What was your favorite thing to do in the Deus Ex titles? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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