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PS5 Racing Games: Top 10 Best Racers on PlayStation 5 & Others

Tough race simulation or a more comfortable arcade experience? Whatever you prefer, you'll find it in our list.

A variety of PS5 racing games are waiting on the starting line to be played. But not every title offers the thrill that many are hoping for. Here are the best racing games for PlayStation 5 – see you on the race track!

Today we deal with speed and have collected all the games to get your pulse pumping. So buckle up, prepare to put your foot on the gas pedal, and may the best player win. Our top 10 of the best racing games for PS5:


10. MXGP 2021

From the makers of Hot Wheels Unleashed comes MXGP21, the latest installment in the popular racing series. Even though many players have been waiting unfulfilled for a successor, this title is still great fun. The game focuses on the FIM Motocross World Championship. Thanks to the graphical potential of the PlayStation 5, old tracks from previous editions, and a new career mode, this title is one of the PS5 racing games that you should definitely check out if you are a motocross fan.

In this screenshot from MXGP 2021, we look up from a brown muddy race track in the middle of the day to a column of colorful racers in helmets just turning a corner and passing us on colorful motocross bikes. All the riders are blurry in this picture, whereas the number one on the right side of the picture is in sharp focus in a long shot. He has a gray jersey, a black helmet, and a red-colored motorcycle, and mud is spraying toward us, causing dirty spots to appear on the camera lens in the blur at the top and bottom of the image.
MXGP 2021 screenshot (Source: Milestone S.r.l.)


The title is available on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


9. Grid Legends

With Grid Legends, Codemasters delivers a phenomenal racing experience and one of the few games that also offers a remarkable continuous story. You slip into the role of Nathan Mckane, who competes against the racing rival Ravenwest. Particularly noteworthy in this game are the AI opponents, which challenge you quite a bit and also become aggressive when colliding with them, for example. Challenging arcade racing fun suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers.

We are standing on the right side of a red-colored racetrack and look at two race cars that are passing us just this moment at exactly the same height. They drive from left to right, which allows us to see them in profile. The front car has a blue body, the rear one a light gray one. Both cars have several different colored sponsor logos and are in focus, whereas the surroundings around the cars are seen in motion blur. In the background, the grandstand with several people of different colors is visible in the crop.
Race duel in Grid Legends (Source: Codemasters/Electronic Arts)


Grid Legends is available on PS5/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and you can purchase it via the PlayStation Store.


8. WRC 10

WRC 10 is a rally simulation in which you’ll be able to experience and discover much more, besides numerous historical races. Manage your team or optimize the performances through vehicle tunings. A special highlight, besides many other ways to play the game, is the career mode, where you can get new skills via a talent tree system. On the PS5, the 10th installment of the series feels extraordinarily good. A great title that will let you dive deep into the world of professional rally championships.

Experience one of the best racing games for PS5 with this rally simulation. In this screenshot, we can see a blue-white race car from a bottom perspective with numerous different colored sponsor logos on it. The car has just passed us and is turning right around a bend, so we can see it in half-profile from behind. The road is asphalt and gray. In the background, we can see several brown wooden houses with sloping roofs in the center of the picture and around them a forest with numerous tall green trees. In the bottom right corner of the picture, we can see the logo of the game "WSC 10" on a white triangle.
Screenshot of WRC 10 (Source: KT Racing/Nacon)


The game is available on PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and you can purchase it for PlayStation 5 via the PlayStation Store.


7. Wreckfest

If you’re looking for PS5 racing games that focus on chaos instead of straight-forward laps, you’ve found a good racer in Wreckfest. The title says it all. The game features extremely detailed damage models, allowing you to completely tear apart your truck, tractor, or whatever. Here you’ll drive dirty races in which you’ll always try to damage your fellow racers’ cars especially badly, which is a lot of fun. Spoil the other players’ best times and fight your way to the front – no matter what measures you use.

PS5 racing games like Wreckfest focus less on proper driving and more on destruction and chaos. In this screenshot, we see a column of racing cars on a brown racetrack during the day. The cars are driving around a curve. We look from the front at the first two cars. There, a yellow-blue car, which we see on the left side of the screen, is just rammed by a dark-blue-red car, so that numerous splinters of both cars fly into the air and also the windshield of the yellow car is broken. The right car also flies into the air due to the crash, which causes quite a lot of dirt and dust to be stirred up. In the background, we see a mountain range in the blur, which covers the entire frame.
A clash in Wreckfest (Source: Bugbear Entertainment/THQ Nordic)


Wreckfest is available on PS4 and PS5, and you can purchase it via the PlayStation Store.


6. Need for Speed Unbound

With Need for Speed Unbound, the developers of the popular racing game franchise have released their biggest title in years. The game stays true to its Need for Speed formula while coming with modern graphics. Especially on the PlayStation 5, it convinces with its new urban anime graffiti aesthetic without overdoing it. With a large selection of modifiable cars and roguelike elements, this arcade racer provides limitless fun and is easily one of the best racing games for PS5 out now.

This screenshot from Need for Speed Unbound proves that PS5 racing games can also have a special graphic style: In a slight bottom view, we look at a black man who can be seen in long shot during the day. He looks over us in our direction and has his arms crossed while he casually leans against a black race car. The man has black dreadlocks and a blue and gray tracksuit on. The car is seen in profile, pointing to the left. In the background there are skyscraper facades with many windows and the urban environment is reflected in the car body. All the pictorial elements depicted have a rather comic style.
Need for Speed Unbound screenshot (Source: Criterion Games/Electronic Arts)


The title is available on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


5. Gran Turismo 7

Developed by Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo was the very first racing game for the PlayStation and is still a true gaming classic today. The seventh installment in the series was also made exclusively for Sony consoles and provides fans not only with an extremely good-looking racer but also with a demanding gaming experience. Not least with a high level of difficulty due to its realism. Every car feels like it does in real life, whether it’s a Porsche or a Honda Civic. So get into starting position with this phenomenal game for PlayStation 5.

In Gran Turismo 7, one of the best PS5 racing games, you experience a very impressive racing simulation, as can be seen on this game cover: As a viewer, we take a very spectacular view here in first-person perspective. We look through the gearbox to the rear and thus see a blue racing car and a white one behind it, which are very close to our racing car. As a result, there are numerous metallic bars and mechanics in the foreground of the image. An asphalt race track with yellow markings can be seen and a large white fence behind it.
Gran Turismo 7 (Source: Polyphony Digital/Sony Interactive Entertainment)


The game is available on PS4 and PS5, and you can purchase it via the PlayStation Store.


4. Hot Wheels Unleashed

One of the best racing games for PS5, and due to its arcade character, it’s for all ages. Because in this title of the well-known toy manufacturer, you’ll have hot races with stylized retro cars on crazy tracks, and they are more intense than you might think. The delightful racing game includes a lot of different race tracks, from basements to skyscrapers. And if you feel like it, you can easily build your own track, which you can test online or in split-screen mode with your friends.

In the game Hot Wheels Unleashed, one of the best PS5 racing games, you drive toy cars. In this picture, we are in a very oblique perspective in the middle of a race track, which at this point is tilted almost 90 degrees to the left and runs in red color to the top left of the picture into the background, where it then makes a right turn. Directly in front of us, on the right half of the image, we see a blue car with a fire logo and purple flashing tires. Directly in front of it are other cars at some intervals. The course of the track is very curvy with different heights.
Hot Wheels Unleashed (Source: Milestone)


The title is available on PS4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


3. MotoGP 2022

Graphically, it’s the best game in the MotoGP series. The design of the motorcycles is really impressive, and the race tracks are an absolute feast for the eyes too. Ride on over 20 maps and play over 120 riders. The title is said to offer a significantly higher level of realism, split-screen multiplayer, and an extensive management career. But even beginners should find their way into the racing genre relatively quickly, thanks to the new Moto GP Academy.

Experience a breathtaking head-to-head race in one of the best racing games for PS5, as seen in this screenshot of the game: A racetrack is shown in daylight, where in the foreground in the lower half of the image at this moment a column of motorcyclists are driving around the corner, leaning strongly to the left. In the right half of the picture, we see in half-profile the number one, which carries a blue motorcycle and a red helmet. The motorcycles behind it have red color and blue helmets. At the very back, a blue motorcycle can be seen again in the blur. In the background and also out of focus is a grandstand running across the picture with the colorful audience and isolated flags of various nations. At the top of the image is a yellow advertising banner with the red inscription "DHL" in capital letters.
MotoGP 2022 (Source: Milestone)


The game is available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and for PlayStation 5, you can get it via the PlayStation Store.


2. Dirt 5

This title of the famous franchise from Codemasters shifts the focus from simulation to arcade experience. It offers limitless fun thanks to its technical features, especially for PS5 players, and represents the most impressive part of the Dirt series so far. The title has a very well-developed control and physics system and comes with very impressive, crisp graphics. Driving feels very smooth, even if it takes some practice. One of the best PS5 racing games, in our opinion.

One of the best racing games for PS5 is Dirt 5, and here we can see a screenshot of two dueling drivers in an impressive frontal and bottom view perspective. The race track consists of brown sand and is surrounded by palm trees and a stage on the right side, which can be seen in the crop. Colorful confetti rains down from the sky onto the car and the track. In the distance, a large mountain rises from the forest and we see the blue sky behind it.
Dirt 5 (Source: Codemasters)


This game is available on PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC and can be purchased for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


1. F1 2022

The first place on our list goes to the Formula 1 game F1 2022. Visually breathtakingly beautiful race courses await you, which have been faithfully recreated and are absolutely in tune with the times. Recent changes to tracks such as the Spanish Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya or the Yas Marina Circuit have also been taken into account in the game. Play with this racing simulation, the best of its series, and also enjoy new features, such as F1 Life. There you’re allowed to build and freely design a virtual home for your super sports cars.

In this screenshot from F1 2022, we see a column of F1 cars in an oblique perspective from the front, which is just driving around a curve. The column runs from the top right of the background in a left turn to the front of the left half of the image and we look at an impressively designed red vehicle body, black wheels, and the driver in a wide-angle shot. On the right side of the picture, we see a turquoise infield of the stadium. The grandstand can be seen in the background with the many colorful spectators. On the left side above the race cars, we catch sight of several grayish pyramid-shaped canopies and barriers on a green-colored podium.
F1 2022 (Source: Electronic Arts/Codemasters)


This game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and you can get it for PS5 via the PlayStation Store.


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What do you look for in a good racing game? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below.

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