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12 Diablo 4 Tips You Wish You Knew Beforehand

You should start your next big adventure not only with melee or magical weapons, but also with the right know-how in your inventory.

One game is currently attracting the world’s attention. Numerous players are venturing into the vast open lands of Sanctuary, scavenging for the finest treasures. To ensure your next legendary adventure is a thrilling experience, we have compiled 12 Diablo 4 tips you definitely need to know before starting.


It’s tempting to start playing immediately but take a few moments to look at some helpful Diablo 4 tips that will provide you with the essential knowledge to embark on your journey optimally.


12 helpful Diablo 4 tips and tricks you should know

There is so much to discover and loot in Diablo IV that it’s easy to lose track of things, especially as a beginner. Our 12 essential Diablo 4 tips will help you to stay organized and focused.


12. Optimize your settings

Hell yeah, things can finally get started. But what’s the first thing to do? Optimize your settings! You want to ensure you can see, hear, and better understand everything around you. Let’s look at the most critical settings you must consider.

  • In the Options menu under ‘Graphics,’ we recommend setting ‘Sharpen Image’ to ’10’ and setting the cursor scale to ‘Large.’ This way, you will always maintain sight of your indicator, even in heavy battles.
  • Next, you should set the ‘Item Drop Sounds’ to avoid missing any critical loot. Make sure that ‘In-Game Loot Sounds’ and ‘Play Audio on Ambient Loot’ are entirely checked and that ‘Minumum Quality’ is set to ‘Magic’ or even higher. This way, you’ll only hear the better loot dropping… honestly, that’s the only thing you want to hear!
  • In the Gameplay options, turn on ‘Advanced Tooltip Compare’ and ‘Advanced Tooltip Information’ to not only compare the primary attributes of your items but significantly more information like gained and lost attributes.
    Set ‘Item Label Display’ to ‘Push to Toggle (On/Off)’ so that the names above the items don’t disappear. On PC, you can always toggle it by pressing ‘Alt.’
    You should also turn on ‘Display Player Highlight’ for better visibility and differentiation and brighten each color. We also recommend setting your enemies to a different color instead of red to make them easier to spot because, in Diablo, almost everything in the world has this color.

Alright, now you are well prepared to step into the mighty world of Diablo IV. Let’s talk about orientation.

We see a character on his mount in the Dry Steppes. Read our Diablo 4 tips on what makes you even faster.
Not only Mounts make you faster in Diablo 4 (Source: Blizzard)


11. Use the map marker

Who can do without GPS nowadays? In Diablo IV, the map marker helps you enormously to get from A to B in a relaxed way. Right-click on the desired location on the map, and the track will be displayed on the minimap—a must-have, especially for groups to quickly and easily get to places.


10. Take it easy with your skills

Each class has its skill tree with many different ways to unlock. But in Diablo 4, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right ones because you can always refund them to choose another option. This gives you a lot of room to experiment. And the best: you don’t have to wait for the next level! Up to level 10, the refund is free! Well… after that, gold is required, which increases with every point you spend in the tree. But these prices are bearable in this respect.


9. Town Portals are your faithful companion

Have you completed a quest, are in a nasty fight, or want to return to the next city? Town Portals come in handy here, saving you the long way back and bringing you to the nearest town quickly and for free. PC gamers only need to press ‘T.’ It’s an excellent way to get to the city fast, buy or sell stuff, and then return to the action through the blue portal around the town hub.

We see a player standing in a snowy Stronghold. Diablo 4 tips explain this mechanic to you.
Screenshot of Diablo 4 (Source: Blizzard)


8. Set your items to ‘Junk’

Is your inventory bursting all the time? To get rid of unnecessary things for your next run as quickly as possible, mark all items in the inventory that you want to eliminate as ‘Junk’, for PC by hitting space. You can quickly sell it to the merchant by ‘right-clicking.’ However, we recommend recycling this at the Blacksmith to get the necessary crafting materials for your future game.


7. Mapgenie.io is your Diablo 4 guide

To always have a better understanding of all tasks in Diablo 4, you should use the map from mapgenie.io. It contains all the important information you need. We recommend first deactivating everything to have an overview and then activating the currently relevant things for you, such as Dungeons, Strongholds, or Waypoints. It’s best to log in to the site. This way, you can mark areas as ‘Found’ and thus create a personal checklist for yourself.


6. Exit Dungeons quickly

Dungeons can have many levels, and you want to avoid walking the long way back. Only sometimes do you get a shortcut out after defeating a boss. If you are unlucky, open the Dungeon map and click on the ‘entrance icon’ to immediately teleport outside to the dungeon’s entrance. You can also use the Emot Wheel, for PC via ‘E.’ Problem solved.


5. Use the new Stagger system

There is a mechanic in Diablo 4 most players don’t even know exists: Staggering! When you’re in a boss fight, you’ll see an inconspicuous yellowish bar just below the boss’s health that starts from the center and fills outward as you crowd-control the boss, fighting it with debuffs and elemental effects like Stun or Frost. When the bar is complete, it turns green for a considerable amount of time. During this phase, the enemy is stunned, and you can damage it without any problems.

We see a group of players fighting against Ashava the Pestilent. It’s best to know these Diablo 4 tips better beforehand.
World boss Ashava the Pestilent (Source: Blizzard)


4. Always make Treasure Goblins your first priority

Do you see a trail of gold or a special icon on the minimap? Then the Treasure Goblin is probably very close to you. Be sure to run after it because it drops a bunch of gold and lots of gear when you are victorious. However, it can take a lot of damage and won’t stop running away from you. You can steer into one or the other mob, but stay focused; in the end, neat loot is waiting for you!


3. Meet the Purveyors of Curiosities for Legendaries

Like Kadala in Diablo 3, the Purveyor of Curiosities in Diablo 4 grants you randomized rare or legendary loot in exchange for a currency called Murmuring Obols. Purveyors can be found in every major capital city. You get Murmuring Obols by completing randomized events in dungeons or public events in the open world. A perfect method to farm gear and another reason to attend all events and have them on your radar.


2. Leave aside the side quests

When you roam through Sanctuary, you will encounter many sidequests you can accept. What many people need to know, however, is that there is a cap of 20, and once this limit is reached, you cannot accept any more of these. Even dropped items for accepted sidequests can no longer be picked up. This causes you much time making room in your quest inventory by completing old sidequests you don’t want to do. To avoid this mess and save time, it’s best to ignore them first, explore the world and complete them later. At least, always keep an eye on your Journal and cap to think twice before accepting.

We see a fight between two playable characters in Diablo IV. Learn the game with the help of a guide.
PVP in Diablo 4 (Source: Blizzard)


1. Whispering Keys

Another good reason to visit the Purveyor of Curiosities is the Whispering Key, which they sell cheaply. It’s best to always have a few in your inventory because you can open the Silent Chests in Sanctuary with them. These chests drop random items, and if you’re lucky, you get fantastic things.


Check. Our Diablo 4 tips should help you get off to a good start in your new adventure. Of course, there are still many other things to discover. But it’s a learning curve. At least now you are well prepared with the essentials. Have fun playing! To earn more about the Endgame, the Paragon System, and Helltide events, check our Diablo 4 News Update.


More tips and guides at your disposal

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Did you already start playing D4? What are your thoughts on the new big title? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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