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Payday 3: New Trailer, Release Date & Crossplay Details (Update)

If you have already played through all the heists with your friends in Payday 2 & GTA V, we have good news for you. Payday 3 is finally scheduled for release this year.

The fearsome four from Washington DC are (soon) back in town. Yesterday, a brand new trailer for Payday 3 was released, giving us a release date. Plan and execute your next exciting heist together with your friends this year.

Considering the rather meager game news around the holidays, the announcement of Payday 3 on New Year’s Eve was a real highlight. Not too much longer, and you can grab your friends and jump into the next raid.


Update June 13, 2023

The release date is finally set. With a new gameplay reveal trailer, it got announced that Payday 3 will be released on September 21, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. You can play the title as an Xbox Game Pass subscriber from day one.

The latest trailer showcases an abundance of Payday 3’s timeless co-op FPS gameplay, brimming with thrilling action. Prepare to be reunited with the beloved original Payday crew as they make their grand reappearance in the franchise, masks and all.


Original article January 2, 2023

New teaser trailer narrows down Payday 3 release date further

The new trailer gives us a brief but concise glimpse of a night scene in Payday 3, which also features the main characters Chains, Dallas, Hoxton, and Wolf, standing in front of the New York skyline with fireworks overhead. The video indicates that the footage shown is pre-alpha footage, which is likely to change between now and the final release. Through the post and also the linked Steam page, the release date has now been further specified as roughly 2023. Even though this is not an exact information, it at least increases the anticipation. We will keep you updated via this article if there is any news in this regard.


The original Payday gang is back

Since yesterday, the Steam page for the action-RPG shooter is now also live. There, the new installment has been announced under the claim “A New Criminal Dawn”. Besides a brief description, however, only the rough key data, such as tags and genre categorization, have been shown so far. More detailed information, such as system requirements, is still missing at the time of writing.

This screenshot shows a close-up of all four masks of the well-known main characters, which will get to see again in Payday 3. They are shown from the front, as they are draped in a row on a shelf and look at us with their nasty grimaces and bright colors. The left mask has a half-white and half-red pattern, the second from the left has the American flag as a motif, to the right is another red and white mask, and to the far right is a white and pink mask with a conspicuously flattened nose.
The masks of Payday 3 (Source: Starbreeze Studios/Prime Matter)


Will Payday 3 support crossplay / cross-platform?

So far, not many details about the game are known. What seems certain is that the third part also remains true to its game mechanics, and will feature a four-player Co-op experience. However, it might be unlikely that Payday 3 will support crossplay since its predecessor already only offers cross-generation play (with which you can play between PS4 and PS5, for example). Even though it is not possible to make a final statement about a possible cross-platform functionality at this point in time, many players are hoping for a surprise in this regard. So do we, and if there is any change in the information, we will keep you up to date here as well.

In the center of the image, we can see one of the four masks from the new heist simulation, slightly hidden. It is the one with the American flag as a motif. It is attached to the jacket of one of the main characters, who is standing next to another person. Both of them have their backs turned to us and we can only see them in the cut since we are looking at the action at the level of the mask and are standing quite close to the characters. They are at a railing and behind them, we can see the East River in front of New York. at night.
Payday 3 screenshot (Source: Starbreeze Studios/Prime Matter)


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What fascinates you most about the Payday series? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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