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Deep Rock Galactic Tips, Guide & Secrets to Master Your Mining

Rock and Stone! Let the drilling and mining begin. No, we are not too greedy, but let's dig deeper.

In this survival Co-op sandbox shooter, there are countless valuable resources to mine in procedurally generated cave systems. To make your dwarf expeditions a success, we have put together a guide with Deep Rock Galactic tips and secrets for you.


The mining went into the third round. Developer Ghost Ship Games has just released Deep Rock Galactic’s Season 3 “Plaguefall” on November 3rd. One more reason to take a closer look at the game and get some useful Deep Rock Galactic tips. To get into the mood, feel free to watch the launch Trailer of the new Season:



The right start with our Deep Rock Galactic guide

The exciting Co-op title has a lot of stuff to discover. Get an overview of the game and its content. We gathered the most important questions at a glance:


1. What is the objective of the game?

You explore randomly (procedurally) generated cave systems either alone or in a team with up to three other players and loot many different valuable resources, which are then brought back to the space station (via drop pod), with which all explorations start. But this is not an easy task because all sorts of monsters try to prevent you from harvesting the “fruits” of their home planet. Every run will give you new weapons, more experience, and special perks, as well as cosmetic modifications. Besides this main objective, you can also play e.g. small mini-games with your friends on the space station.


2. How to start a mission?

A mission starts at the central mission terminal, where you set the difficulty, the party constellation, and the length and complexity of the dungeons. Of the five difficulty levels, the third corresponds to the normal difficulty level. Here, the more difficult, longer, and more complex your mission is, the higher the rewards.


3. What resources & biomes exist?

You can explore a total of eight biomes. The occurrence of resources looks like this:

  • Sandblasted Corridors – Rare Resource: Magnite | Common Resource: Enor Pearl
  • Magma Core – Rare resource: Croppa | Frequent resource: Magnite
  • Salt Pits – Rare Resource: Bismor | Frequent Resource: Enor Pearl
  • Crystalline Caverns – Rare Resource: Bismor | Frequent Resource: Jadiz
  • Glacial Strata – Rare Resource: Umanite | Frequent Resource: Magnite
  • Fungus Bogs – Rare Resource: Jadiz | Common Resource: Croppa
  • Dense Biozone – Rare Resource: Umanite | Common Resource: Bismor
  • Radioactive Exclusion Zone – Rare Resource: Enor Pear l Frequent Resource: Umanite

Read more about it at https://deeprockgalactic.fandom.com


4. What enemies can I expect?

Of course, mining would only be half as exciting and thrilling without nasty creatures or dangers around you. For example, you’ll encounter special creatures in Salt Pits or experience dangerous earthquakes and exploding plants in the biome Magma Core. In Glacial Strata you’ll have to watch out for falling icicles, frost, and snowstorms. In the Radioactive Exclusion Zone, everything is… now… contaminated with radioactivity. (Cpt. Obvious)


5. What classes are there?

  • Gunner: The Gunner has a shield, grenades and a minigun. You use it to fight the annoying monsters around you and protect the dwarven team with it. You can also use a rope bridge to get across large canyons.
  • Driller: Use the Driller to gain access everywhere! Drill resources free and bring valuable rewards to the team.
  • Engineer: You clear the way. Build a turret or platform to help the team.
  • Scout: As a scout, you always go ahead and illuminate dungeons on a large scale. You can also move quickly with a grappling hook. But always stay close to the team.
In the menu, you can choose between the different classes. Here, for example, we see the menu view of the Scout class. The figure can be seen from the front in the center of the image in a long shot. The class has a green overall protective suit with a black breastplate, black shoes, black gloves, and some kind of gas mask on his head. He stands on a round beige base. With his right hand, the character shown is throwing a curved jagged green knife in the air. To the right and left we see the class-specific items and weapons in orange colors and futuristic designs. With the help of Deep Rock Galactic tips, you can create your suitable character.
The Scout class in Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 (Source: Ghost Ship Games/Coffee Stain Publishing)


6. Singleplayer or multiplayer?

If you want to play alone, that is also possible. A drone will then accompany you through the dungeons. This can mine the minerals for you and also fight against monsters. However, multiplayer provides more variety, and in co-op, all games are more fun.


7. How do I level up in Deep Rock Galactic?

You can advance in two ways: Class level and Player level. But you only advance in class when you play it.


Optimize your dungeon expeditions with some Starter Deep Rock Galactic Tips

Before you head into the cave systems, have a few drinks at the bar to buff up. With a beer license, you can also make your own drinks, which will earn you additional and better buffs. Besides, while many monsters have strong armor, they also have clearly identifiable weak points. Get to know your opponents and their sore spots to fight more effectively. Also, it is advisable to fight monsters with opposite damage effects, such as ice and fire, which is much more effective.


1. Create waypoints

Since each biome is procedurally generated and, therefore, unique, you need to create something to orientate for you and your friends. Mark paths and resources to find your way back to them later. And don’t forget to activate your laser pointer. With this pointer you can also create a ping for your teammates. The waypoints and pings are displayed on the map.


2. Reduce Fall Damage

In the huge caves, you can easily and often fall into the depths and find a quick death. You can reduce this danger by jumping onto another player, which will cushion your fall. Objects can also prevent your fall damage.


3. Zipline Speed Reduction

With the help of the Gunner’s Zipline you can quickly get to other places. However, you may build up a very high speed, which can mean your death at the end of the line. Use this trick to regulate your speed: Just before you reach your destination, let yourself fall off the leash for a moment and then immediately press the grab button again. This will reset your speed to zero and get you safely to your destination.


Multiplayer yes, but is Deep Rock Galactic split-screen?

At this point, we’re sorry to disappoint you. Although this popular Indie FPS game is a multiplayer Co-op, unfortunately, you can’t play the game on a split screen (yet). If you want to team up with your friends and explore caves, you’ll have to do that online.

In this screenshot, you can see the player exploring dark caves together with other dwarves. He is holding a huge minigun of some sort with both hands, which can only be seen in the bottom right of the screenshot, as the cave is also very dark. The player is wearing white gloves, of which we can see the left one at the bottom of the image in the crop. Directly in front of the player is a plant with red pointed leaves on a blue shimmering floor, which runs through the entire cave shown here. Further in the background in the center of the picture are three more dwarves, who illuminate the cave with their flashlights in different directions. At the top of the ceiling, green crystals shine sporadically, and at the top left corner of the image, a red light shimmers.
Screenshot aus Deep Rock Galactic (Source: Ghost Ship Games/Coffee Stain Publishing)


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What’s your favorite thing about games like Deep Rock Galactic? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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