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The Sims 5’s Top Dog Position in Jeopardy?

Maxis is already working on the fifth part of the popular series and wants to surpass the predecessor in many aspects. The team already gave promising insights into the game. Do competing titles pose a threat to the series?

Party Animals Is the Acid Test Game Your Friendships Needed

This beat 'em up game will definitely give you and your friends some true laughs and offers fun gameplay for all kinds of people. The cozy party title will be released in the very near future.

The Day Before: Release Date Nears & More Game Details

One of the most requested games on Steam will be released very soon. Fans can expect an extremely promising next-gen survival open-world shooter. Shortly before the release, the developers want to give fans more insight.

Among Us Alternative From Top 3 Best Steam Games to Flop? (Update)

A free indie game has been reaching true peaks in player numbers for a few weeks now, even surpassing the game it copies. The title apparently owes this success to a very specific part of the world. But as of today, the numbers look strange.

11 Fortnite Tips on How to Get Better Including Best Settings

In this Battle Royale it's not only colorful, but also very stormy and chaotic. In order not to faint, but to succeed in the game, you need a smart approach. We have collected some tips on how to get more victories.

New Stalker 2 Gameplay, Multiplayer & System Requirements

The sequel to the famous post-apocalyptic shooter based around Chornobyl is now keeping fans on their toes with a new gameplay trailer. The title will for sure raise the bar for upcoming games in 2023.

Payday 3: New Trailer, Release Date & Crossplay Details

The popular heist simulation is entering its third round very soon. A freshly released announcement teaser gives a short concise insight into the new installment, and we also get clues about the release.

Best Fighting Games for PC: Find Your Next Finishing Move

The quality of a good punching title lies in its depth and complexity. It must offer the player endless fun through numerous movement combinations and the visual presentation must be right. This article reveals which games have paid special attention to this.

Evil West: Fast Gameplay, Co-op and Xbox Game Pass Release?

In this crazy action shooter, the Wild West is overrun by bloodthirsty vampires and it's up to you to restore order as a notorious gunslinger. For this, you are allowed to use all destructive means.

Core Keeper Bosses: A Game Guide to Destroy Azeos & More Tips

Mine, craft, and survive. Team up with up to 8 players, explore cave systems, mine precious ores and face the nastiest enemies in this 2D Sandbox adventure.

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